Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aprons and Backyard sewing

Thank you Mr. Jon! I just picked up another "load" of fabric from my friend who is a fabric rep. (He cleaned out his storage unit.) I've spent some time today organizing it into stacks of samples, yardage, linens, upholstery weight, etc. Now I have to incorporate it into my shelves in the sewing room (which means I may have to get rid of some "extra's.")

I've also been busy sewing. I have a new apron pattern and wanted to try it out on some of my "free" fabric before I cut up a vintage tablecloth. I like the little ruffle at the bottom.

I liked the final result, so I used one of the tablecloths that I actually purchased in two pieces. (It actually looked like someone had torn the tablecloth in two.) I was able to fit the two main pieces on the two halves, and the waistband, but had to piece the tie for it to be long enough. I liked the final result from the tablecloth also. I plan to post both of them on my etsy site in the next day or two. I have another apron cut out, but haven't had time to complete it, as yet.

I've also been working on some backyard furniture recovery for Miss Janice. My daughter and I are ready to start the makeover of her bedroom and bathroom - starting next week.
A few months ago Miss Janice purchased an expensive "custom made" shower curtain from a garage sale. (The seller was a local decorator.) She got the curtain for a "song" and knew she wanted to use the fabric in her backyard cabana area. My husband and son in law recently covered her patio area with a tin roof, so the area is now protected from the weather.

She has a vintage baby bed she wants to use as extra she purchased some marine foam (it doesn't hold water if it gets wet) to use for the mattress.

I laid out the shower curtain so I could utilize the blue and the red area. She liked the idea of it being half red and half blue on each side. She also purchased 2 queen size bed pillows on sale with the idea that I would cover them.

I used as many different pieces of "scrapes" left over from other projects that matched. The bed pillows also had a small gusset, so each pillow has different fabric for the gusset and various similar fabrics for the piece work.

Miss Janice loves birds, so I cut the small birds from another piece of "stash" to use as the center piece of the pillows.

There was enough of the bird fabric to create two other pillows for the couch...

and you might remember the small Texas luncheon napkins I purchased awhile back? I used one as a centerpiece for one last pillow for the couch.

My daughter currently has the couch (baby bed) apart and is painting the pieces. Once she returns it to the cabana area I'll post a picture of the completed couch with all the pillows.
Miss Janice has 4 chairs that we re-covered several years ago...the fabric really didn't hold up well. The chairs weren't under cover and I think all the mess from the pecan trees falling on the fabric just ruined them. She has promised to put the cushions I'll be recovering them next.

We've decided on this fabric for the chairs cushions, but we are still looking for some embossed denim fabric for the chair backs. The hunt is on....

And, last but not least (Miss Janice may be lurking and looking) I used the rest of the shower curtain to make her a gardening apron to match her red, white and blue back yard!

Still more sewing to come....but for now...we will begin the bedroom/bathroom redo. I'll have before and after pictures next week.

3 Cowgurls said:

Texasbelle said...

Wow. I think you might have a mission calling to go somewhere and teach ladies how to make something from nothing! Or, actually something really sellable from fabric SCRAPS! I can't wait to lounge around in the back and have y'all join me.

I love my new apron! I'm putting it on shortly to go out back while I'm watering.
Thank you!!!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I can't wait to see the baby bed sofa! Your aprons are always so cute! What a talented familiy you are! laurie

StephySue said...

:) I see my kitty sneaking into one of your pictures!! Hello Doodle!