Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The BIG Project Begins

Well, no time like the present to begin the "big" bedroom/bathroom project at Miss Janice's house.

I tried to take some before pictures so you'll get a feel for the two rooms. The current plan is to paint, remove the carpets, lay flooring and finish. Sounds simple enough!

Here is the bedroom looking into the bathroom area. Miss Janice has settled on the darker of the two blues...so decision one down. The current color is a pale peach color...so this will be a drastic change. This same peach color carries into the bathroom and we'll be coordinating the two rooms together with the blue and white theme.

We also had to decide on the height of the board and batten area and settled on 54.5 inches from the baseboards. Easy enough...

This is the bathroom area which is adjacent to the bedroom. This picture shows the mirror and pictures already removed. The carpet in this area will be torn out and the small black and white tile (you can see them in the picture) will be laid. There is a beadboard on the bottom and a board and batten treatment on the top. In this room we'll have white on top and the blue on bottom.

Miss Janice has purchased a new vanity that will go in where the current one is located. It's wider and a lot prettier (she picked it up at a warehouse sale for almost 70% off what they are selling for in local stores!) I can't wait for you to see it...it's beautiful! It will really set the tone for a whole new look in this room.

SO....out came the vanity (and not without a LOT of elbow grease). We were hoping to see nice hardwoods underneath the carpet, but not to be. This area of the house was once a kitchen. (After WWII the house was used as a boarding house, so it was split up into several apartments.) I'll try to take a close up of the old linoleum that's under the carpet. It's "real" pretty. HA!

(The door you see here leads to the laundry room at the back of the house.)

This morning began our work in earnest. We cleaned all the woodwork real good before we began painting. We patched the holes and cracks yesterday so we'd be ready to begin painting today.
We decided to start from the top down...so ceiling first. Miss Janice picked an off white for all the wood work, and we went with the same color for the ceiling. It's just a shade darker than what the ceiling was before.

Our helpers enjoyed lunch while we worked....

They were happy for a break from all the hard work (HA!)

Ashley and I decided on wonderful head wear so as not to have a new "color job" for our hair.

However, when we began clean up...our crew decided to try them on for size!
So...stay tuned...we'll finish the rest of the woodwork tomorrow and begin the upper color (which is the blue.) I'll see if I can't find my other pictures of the room filled with furniture.
Till tomorrow.... debi

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