Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The BIG Project - Day 2

Day two begins with finishing the wood work. We completed the ceiling and the first coat of the woodwork on Day today we started with all the woodwork and the doors. The doors were my greatest pleasure to paint. They were cream with a peach inset...they are now ALL off white. Clean and neat. We began the upper wall with blue, then came back with the first coat of the white on the bottom.

Tomorrow we'll do a second coat of the blue and a third coat of white on the doors. We won't finish painting the baseboard until the carpet been pulled out so we can paint the whole piece. (Can hardly wait for the carpet to be gone. ) A new pine floor will be laid and finished to complete the room.

I really like how fresh and new the paint makes the room look. There is more "work" to be done on the lower portion before we can move forward with more paint. I think the guys are going to work on Saturday pulling the carpet, installing the board and batten and putting in the sink in the bathroom. Hopefully by Monday we can move into the bathroom area.

My daughter has finished the painting of the outdoor furniture. It looks really I guess we can test out the new cushions!

I have more pillows I'm working on, but with all the painting, that will have to wait. I also have the cushions for the chairs to complete...

More sewing to come...after painting!

Well, that's it for today...see ya' tomorrow!

2 Cowgurls said:

Shawnee said...

Looking good!!

Texasbelle said...

Cute! I hope you sat on it a while, not just took pictures of it. I can't wait to get out there! Thanks for the dry run documentation!