Monday, July 27, 2009

BIG Project - Day 5

Busy day on Saturday...the guys were able to get in and get a lot done while I was at a seminar all day. Ashley and Emily also worked all day moving stuff out and caulking and painting. A WHOLE lot was accomplished.

As promised here is what was under the carpet in the bathroom. Not a pretty sight!

Once all the carpet and padding was pulled out, the guys laid 1/2" hardiebacker board and prepped it in anticipation of laying the tile.

The girls cleaned the bathroom closet out so that the bathroom would have new tile flooring throughout. We didn't want any of the old carpet left (even in the closets.) Fresh start for ALL.

Not only did they work in the bathroom, there was also activity in the bedroom. The guys got the strips cut for the walls. They ended up having to pull the quarter round off the top of the baseboards, nailing the strips down, then cutting the quarter round to fit between the strips and nailing it back down. A lot more work, but I think the finished product will look a lot better once it's all painted!

The area we were most anxious to see was under the carpet in the bedroom. We did not know if there would be old hardwoods or plywood. The guys were prepared to lay new pine floors, but luckily...there was hardwood.

The floor is not pretty...but a good sanding and it will be as good as new! Miss Janice wants a painted (decorated) floor for this now to pick the color! (It's already "almost" white!)

While the guys finished up inside Ashley and Emily painted the top rail, yet to be nailed to the wall. Peter still has to do some work on them, but they thought it'd be good to get one coat of paint on before they are nailed up on the wall.

Still lots to do. The tile in the bathroom has to be laid (which means the toilet has to be re-set) and the plumbing re-done for the new DOUBLE sink. I'll save the picture of the vanity until we bring it's beautiful!

Until tomorrow!

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