Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BIG Project - Day 6

We're still working in the bathroom. I wanted to be sure you noted the peachy color that was EVERYWHERE in this area! Someone really liked this color, but that person no longer lives in this house, so it is happily going away.

Here is the before of this area in all it's peach glory! We do have one coat of white on the upper wall already, but have not painted the bead board.

Here is the finished color! Clean and fresh. You can sort of see the closet here in this shot.

Here's a better picture of the closet. Miss Janice used it as storage...but will be "re-purposed" in this new room for a new use! (Secret for now!)

Finished closet!
More to come! Running off right now to pull up the last of the carpet and under padding to see what the rest of the floor looks like...hopefully nice enough to sand! (More pictures tomorrow.)
Till later...

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