Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BIG Project - Continuing Saga

Aside from the long drive home (12+ hours)...it's been hard to get back into the re-do groove. Time away was a very relaxing time with my sister. On the way home we stopped off in New Orleans and had beignets and coffee Au Lait (Au Lait means that it is mixed half and half with hot milk. Beignets are square French -style doughnuts, lavishly covered with powdered sugar.)

I took a picture of the floor of the place...it's pretty well covered with powered sugar.

Oh well...I don't have to clean that floor!

While I was gone "my crew" (HA! Love the sound of that!) got the quarter round put down. We used a regular size quarter round for the bedroom, but built up a more substantial one in the bath room to give "weight" to the tile and create more "drama". I think it turned out great.

The guys also brought in the new vanity...it weighs a TON! I think once it's all in place, it will look wonderful. I found this at one of the local "warehouse/antique" sales in our area...so Miss Janice came for a look/see and bought it on the spot. We're still waiting on the plumber to come and hook it all up, so a little bit of a stand still in the bathroom.

However, we've been moving ever forward in the bedroom. Miss Janice's brother-in-law created this headboard from an old 5 panel door. Her nephew drove up from Houston a few weeks ago to deliver it so we'd have it when we were ready to put the bedroom together.

First, it needed a white coat of paint. The girls got it covered in no time...but still something was lacking.

Next came a coat of wax tinted with a mahogany stain. We rubbed it on then polished it up to give it just a hint of color and distress.

We still felt it needed a little bit more, so we added some metal architectural elements.

We added just enough to dress up the headboard.

Next we brought in the bed pieces and made the bed. The headboard is slightly large, but when Miss Janice finally upgrades to a queen size bed it will be a perfect size.

We also got the closet put back together and the new curtains hung. I made these from some of my fabric stash that my friend gave me. I don't usually has such large pieces, but I had several complimentary pieces in the brown and blue pallet. A pretty trim was added between the two and instant closet door. (Almost.) I made the curtains before we began this project and they were the deciding factor on the colors we went with in the two rooms.

The top curtains on the bedroom windows are of the same complimentary fabric as the closet fabrics, however the drapery panels were purchased at Target. I think they look great together. We only found two panels at the Target we were at, so we need to look for another one to fill out the larger window. I'll try to take a close up of the curtains tomorrow so you can see the detail on the panels.

We brought in some of Miss Janice's other furniture today. We still have the mantel to finish and place on the wall between the bathroom and bedroom.
As promised here's a picture of the new mantel I will use with the insert I've had FOREVER!

There are still many, many boxes to empty and more furniture to bring in, and the bathroom to complete, but we are on target to finish by the end of the month! Miss Janice is planning a large open house to show off her new digs (minus all the carpet in the 4 rooms we've completed!) Look for more pictures to come.
Till next time....

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