Thursday, August 6, 2009

BIG Project - Day Whatever....

Big day with many workers coming to the house to accomplish some things that need to happen for the project to move on.

The first worker to arrive was the electrician. He had to snake his way through the entry hall to get to the bedroom.

I was able to get paper down on the newly sanded wood floor before he arrived.

He's working in the bedroom, but the ultimate goal is an outlet in the closet in the bathroom. (The closet will be turned into a small makeup lighting is a must! More on that later...)

This project has caused Miss Janice to turn her life upside down and caused her to reconsider some of the furniture she owns.. Some of the pieces don't fit the overall look and feel of the house anymore so she sending some of these items to a local consignment shop. Three men from the consignment shop were the next to arrive. I'm so glad I had my camera was like an old 3 stooges movie.
I had to ask the electrician to move his truck back so these guys could have the "primo" spot out front. Instead of just backing the truck up into the of the men drove the truck around the block and parked right in front so the back door of the truck was at the sidewalk. (Miss Janice lives on a one way street, so to get back to the front of her house you have to go around the block.)
The guys took the entertainment center apart and took the two pieces outside and loaded them into the truck. No problem...I'm thinking, "This will go smoothly." NOT!

The next piece going out to the truck is this huge armoire! I informed the guys that the piece could be taken apart, but no problem...there's 3 of them. As I watched them slide it out onto the porch and head down the stairs, the top began to sway. It's very top heavy and I'm not sure they realized the full weight until they started inching it off the porch. (Keep your eye on their truck!)

They get it to the end of the sidewalk and down one more step. I didn't know what they were discussing at this point, but.....

One of the guys gets in the truck and drives away!

Around the block again and he pulls forward only a little bit more. I'm totally confused...does the truck not back up? Can the guy find reverse? Not really sure what's happening....but they decide it needs to go on it's side on the furniture dolly.

OK...safely on it's side, but the guy in the truck pulls away more time around the block!

He's back...seems to me to be the original parking place, or is it the second parking place? Who knows? Maybe they'll finally put the piece in the truck (they still have 3 other pieces to take out!)

Hey! Where's the guy going with the truck now??? Now he's pulling to the end of the driveway and they begin wheel the armoire down to where he's parked.

Final proof...they eventually got it into the truck! My daughter and I stood on the porch the whole time watching all the was toooooo funny! Not really sure what the deal was with the truck, but at least those huge pieces of furniture are gone (and I don't have to move them again!) Great entertainment though! Not sure how cost effective it is to send these men for pick ups?

Last night my husband and I returned to the house to put the top rail onto the walls. They already have a couple of coats of paint on them, but we'll now paint out the whole bottom part of the walls in the bedroom one last coat. All painting will be complete in both rooms...not just waiting for the bathroom floor to be laid so I can stain the bedroom floor.

Since yesterday was a non-painting day...I used the day to sew. I'm also working on recovering Miss Janice's chair cushions for her back deck. (There is activity also happening in the back yard...but I'll let you know the rest of that later!) Here is what the cushions looked like before.

Of course, keeping with her patriotic theme of red, white and blue is the fabric she chose for the chair cushions. We had to wait on some of the fabric for the back cushions to arrive by mail.

Here is an "after" of the recovered cushions. Each seat cushion is reversible with two different fabrics. The gusset was created with the back cushion fabric. I had enough of the back to "eek" out a ruffle for the top of the back. I think it set it off nicely!

There's a button on the front, just decoration, since Miss Janice loves buttons!

It was dark and rainy last night when I took all the cushions over to show her. Here is how it looks in the chair. (There are four but I gave her the one I had already completed earlier in the week .)

Well, full day today to finish the last of the walls...then tomorrow is another sewing day. We'll start the bathroom floor tomorrow night and hopefully I'll have pictures to show of the floor by Saturday.

Till then....debi

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