Saturday, August 8, 2009

BIG Project - Weekend

We got the top rail put up and painted. The walls then got their last coat of paint, including all the boards and top railing.

I really like how it turned accomplished!

Saturday began with the guys working in the bathroom laying tile. Over all I think it went fairly quickly and without much fuss.

The biggest complaint I heard all day concerned the knee pads and the fact they offered no comfort.

I think the guys did a GREAT job! I know Miss Janice is thrilled the bathroom is finished...sorta! Now it has to dry for 48 hours before we grout it...then finished?

So...since it's 48 hours for the bathroom floor to dry - I felt we really needed to get a coat of stain on the newly sanded bedroom floor. My helpers left earlier and were "napping" when I put out my call for help...they didn't want to come back to the house, so Mike offered to help me stain the floor (even after spending the whole day on the floor in the bathroom.)

Miss Janice and I rolled up the brown paper (we tried to save it in case we need to put it back down on the floor later) and swept the floor really well. Mike got the vacuum and cleaned up the very last of the dust in the crevices of the floor.

Then, the process began. We both had our knee pads and we quickly moved back and forth across the room.

It's not hard work, we just had to make sure the stain went on evenly.

We thought we had enough stain to complete the whole room, but at the very end Miss Janice had to make a Home Depot run to get more stain. We're using Jacobean - which is the same color as the floors throughout the rest of the house.

Didn't take her too long to return with more stain and we completed the room pretty quickly.

I think overall we're all very happy with the results and with the work we were able to accomplish today!

Next week will be a very full week - because next Sunday I'll leave on vacation with my sister! Really looking forward to that. As for of rest with an afternoon spent by the pool.

Till next week....debi

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City Girl Country Heart said...

Im new to your blog, and love it! I have just spent some time going back through some of your older posts and really like everything you have done. I am marking you as one of my fav's and will be back again!
Thanks for sharing such great pics!