Monday, August 17, 2009

BIG Project - Weekend

Another weekend has past, and a lot was accomplished! Saturday morning began with a call from Miss Janice to "come see" what she'd found at a garage sale. When I arrived she was negotiating on a coffee table and a mantel. (Her old coffee table was one of the items sent to consignment.) The mantle, however, was more what we envisioned for the fireplace in the bedroom, so she bought it. (I'll have to post a picture when I get one.)

The mantel she currently owns will be used in another (future) project. Nothing like changing midstream...but what fun is it unless you're open to new and different possibilities! We both really like the new mantle and once I saw it I knew I owned the "PERFECT" insert to complete the look for the bedroom! (I have owned this piece for many, many years and knew there would eventually be the ideal place to showcase it!) I'll have to get some pictures to show you.

I applied the first coat of sealer to the bedroom floor on Thursday and gave it a full day to dry. This was combined with the bathroom floor being grouted and letting it set up in preparation for sealing the grout.

Saturday we were ready to begin the tedious work of sealing the grout. Once that was completed I could lay down a second coat of sealer on the bedroom floor and both floors will need 72 hours to cure. (Another couple of days Miss Janice has to do without her washer and dryer!)

Here is the floor after the first coat of sealer. It already looks wonderful...but there were spots that still appeared dry. There were areas on the floor that seemed to drink in more stain than others, but the second coat will even it all out.

Peter and I worked a good portion of Saturday on sealing the bathroom floor. YES, we went around each of those tiles! (At least we didn't have to do one of those two step applications! Once was enough!) We used bits of blue tape to mark where we had been and where we were going. This is at the very end...he's working his way out of the bathroom door. His method was to lie flat on the floor and use his knee pads for his elbow.

Peter also got the molding cut for the bathroom and bedroom to finish off the baseboards. Ashley will paint them this week so we can get them nailed down. Miss Janice decided on some "chunky" moldings for the bathroom. Once they are in place I'll post a picture for you to see.

I got the last coat of sealer on the floor...then sealed up the room! Miss Janice thinks we're trying to asphyxiate her with all the I tried to contain it just in that room!

Lots of little projects to work on this week...but I've left my crew and am in Pensacola with my sister for the week...I'm sure the list will be finished when I return home! (LOL)

As soon as I receive the pictures of the mantel I'll post them for you to see....
till then,

1 Cowgurls said:

Texasbelle said...

Ha. Finished the list...HA!

Got lots of things done and Lauren went shopping with me. She keeps correcting me that I went to Home Depot this morning and she escorted me to LOWES, NOT HD. Since y'all having me going to both multple times each weekend, they just blur together.

BUT - today - Peter & Mike went to Ace Hardware TWICE instead of ME! yeah!
Hope you're pleased with the progress. In spite of me losing electricity on Wed which caused the fan installations delay of game...things got done today.