Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am on vacation this week in Pensacola, Fl. My sister and I are having a lovely, relaxing time doing almost nothing!

We do have Plan B for rainy days. Thanks to Tropical Storm Claudette we've had rain in the afternoons. Not bad...we spend time at the beach in the mornings then by afternoon we are on the hunt for antique stores.

We found this little place, plus about 6 others in the Pensacola area. Never fear...we also have Plan C...which is to check out other nearby cities for antique stores if it continues to rain in the afternoons. I've found some very strange things for sale in this city...things I don't think belong in Florida, and an idea for all those shells you'll find on the beach.

First...Our favorite find of the day was this "P and Go". I'm not really sure what it should say, but we opted NOT to use the facilities here.

Now, for all those shells you've picked up on the beach. No mirror project for you! No gluing them onto a candle of some small trinket box....NO! Not good enough. This is the perfect project to make YOUR house stand out! I mean WOW...who took the time to do this? Would sure be a conversation piece. Miss need this?

OK...I expected to see some strange things for sale, but really...a sled? Maybe they used it on some of the larger sand dunes? Maybe someone packed the garage and just didn't realize it got brought along when they moved to Florida? I was shocked that in one day of shopping here in Pensacola I saw 3 sleds!

OK...seriously. This didn't sell in your garage sale before you left the North? You thought you "might" need it in Florida? You thought you could make a fashion statement with this coat because no one else in Pensacola would have one? What were you thinking? (And this wasn't the only mink coat we saw! This troubles me!)

And last, but not least...a muff with a head AND a tail! OK, I MIGHT put my hand in by his little neck...but I AM NOT putting my hand in the other end. There is just something SO WRONG about this! Where in ALL of Florida are you going to use this? Did your uncle shoot it for you? Please...I just don't think this is a "vintage" item anyone wants!

We have laughed at some pretty funny items. Makes for very interesting shopping. Vacation is half way next week look for the big push to finish Miss Janice's bedroom/bathroom makeover! Till sister and i wish you the best!

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City Girl Country Heart said...

I hope you enjoy your vacation, especially with your sister! Stay safe and out of the storms way!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.