Friday, October 23, 2009

Big Finale, Open House Part Two is the front of the Project House. Guess I never realized I had not posted the full view of what we have been working on. It has such a welcoming porch - you can't help but want to stay awhile. We will head upstairs today and finish the open house...

As you head up stairs there is a landing and a small attic room behind the door.

Inside, there is a comfortable trundle bed for the guest that likes a really dark room for sleeping.
There is a small skylight in the roof, but it does not let a lot of light in, which makes this great for sleeping late!

It's very cozy! Behind the quilt against the back wall is a "huge hole" where Miss Janice stores all her Christmas decorations.

BUT, the biggest secret to this room is that it also doubles as a 'server' room. For you all geeks out there...this is heaven. At one time there were 7 servers humming happily in this room. Now, there are only two.

When Miss Janice sold her office building and brought her business home - along came all the servers, papers, desks, work related items. We have been busy purging a lot of these items, but there is more to do. Our goal is by the end of the year all of this will be gone and this will truly be a small guest room...without the droning hum of servers!

When you leave the attic room there is another short flight of stairs to the second floor. At the top of the stairs is the upstairs bathroom.

This room turned out to be a huge disappointment to us. We did not finish this one area. There is still pink floral wallpaper to stripe off. Very soon, though. The second disappointment was the floor. When we originally pulled back the carpet and peeked underneath, we saw wood floors. YEAH! We would just sand and stain them. However, once we pulled up the full piece of carpet, there was a piece of plywood in front of the shower. This meant we would either have to re-carpet the area, or paint the floor. Miss Janice had been hoping for a "painted" this was it!!

I decided to draw out a design to play up the plywood so it would actually look like a small mat. I created the design then transferred it to the floor to paint. It takes longer than stenciling, but the results were what I had hoped. The bathroom will eventually be black and white, and have pink accents.
Next door to this bathroom is the larger guest room.

This is a wonderful space for a guest to make themselves at home. Not only is the room large, but it is homey. This was originally painted green and we have left that color, but highlighted it with pink. This white dresser at the entrance of the room will eventually move into the craft room - but until some more purging happens in there, it will have to make it's home here. The mantel Miss Janice was using for her headboard in her bedroom has been painted white and affixed to the wall upstairs to create a cozy little sitting area. I had a wonderful pink and green piece of fabric we stabled to the back of the mantle to create a little interest.
Miss Janice had a lot of quilts and vintage linens put away, some of which were her mother's. I pulled out everything pink and used it in the room. The hanging quilts are hung from a ballet bar that was in her room as a girl.
Outside the guest room is a nice reading nook on the top landing of the stairs.
It's a comfortable place to curl up with a book or just sit and visit with a friend. As you leave this space you enter the last bedroom, which is now Miss Janice's office/craft room.
When Miss Janice first moved her office home she needed enough space for her and her assistant to have space to work. This was the perfect room! There are two large work areas and lots of storage.

Miss Janice has since closed her business, so half the room has now become a craft area. She has space to spread out and create to her heart's delight. There are still many files and "office" type things that need to be purged and shredded, but it will come!
It a fun place to work together on projects...each can have their own desk, yet sit right across from each other and talk. The best of both world's!
Thanks again for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed your visit and all the hard work that went into the makeover. Miss Janice is already talking about knocking out a back wall in the kitchen to create an eat in area....hopefully that will be next year!
I guess the completion of this project frees me up to sew some I better get busy.
Till next time,

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