Friday, January 8, 2010

"Larger Than Life Armoire?"

There was no ice on the roads or the sidewalks the guys were set to arrive before 11:00 am.  Hope they bring enough "brawn" to haul that large piece up the hill and maneuver these steps.
I cleared this area in anticipation of the arrival of the LARGE piece.  I moved the other hutch into the dining room until I can decide where it will go.

The guys arrived right on time.  Really nice guys, but seriously...only two today? 
When we last saw these guys last August, they were rolling the armoire away on a flat dolly toward their truck.  Easy enough, once they got it off Miss Janice's porch and onto their dolly, but they also brought three guys with them last time.  Today there were only two...and they didn't look big enough to bring the armoire off the truck, and I wasn't sure the two of them could manage bringing it up my front steps.

They were very shakey as they pulled it out the back of the truck.

They kept shifting their weight and trying to hold it up with their knees while they balanced it and slid it out.

They were really making me nervous.  Finally, they set it on the road...trying to regroup.  I was beginning to wish I had some men hiding in the house with me.

They began to slowly back up the steps.  This poor guy kept turning his head to see the edge of the steps as he moved backwards.

After he backed up each step he would set the armoire down (while the other guy still held up his end) and rub his hands together.  Were they cold?  Was it too heavy?  Duh!

The guys finally inched up the last step only to find they were carrying it way too high to bring in the front door.  Again they had to set it down.  They ended up setting it on two packing blankets so they could  lift it over the threshold then drag it across my tile floor.

By now I was helping them adjust the blankets and removing the blankets once they hit the carpet.

A few big shoves on the carpet and it was finally in place.

I had considered painting it white...but the color is darker and richer than I remembered, so now I'm not sure what I will do!  Indecision!  I do plan to store LOTS of glassware and platters in here once I get the shelves put back inside!  There's also a bar to hang all my tablecloths.

Now I just have to finish putting away Christmas and figure out where the other "large" piece of furniture will live!  I guess the girls will come "shop" and decide who takes the other cabinet home!

Till later....I need to fill my armoire!

3 Cowgurls said:

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh My! Beauty and storage! How wonderful. laurie

Donna said...

That's one mighty fine piece of furniture you got there! I love it! Since you don't want to paint the furniture, have you considered painting the room a color that will compliment and accentuate the piece?
Have a great weekend!

Entrepreneur Chick said...

Aww, great post! So nice to meet you.

I look forward to knowing you more and I really enjoyed the pictures.