Monday, January 11, 2010

Not a normal Sunday!

I had Sunday all, lunch, nap.  There was yet another football game in the afternoon, so it would be a perfect time for napping.
Our local temps have been in the single digits.  It hasn't been this cold in our area in over 30 years!  The weather man kept saying, "1977 was the last time we hit these temps!"
Miss Janice's new Mister had a "gully washer" in his apartment!
I don't believe the water caused this damage above his door...but, seriously, these apartments already didn't feel safe.  The two units upstairs were empty and there was no electricity and no one ran the water to ensure the pipes didn't what?  Water came pouring down.

The temperature was still hovering around freezing when we arrived to survey the damage and help remove some of his larger pieces of furniture!  The firemen arrived during the night and punched holes in the ceiling to release the water. They also pretty well destroyed the apartments upstairs...breaking in the doors and knocking the toilets off their perch to stop the water! (Guess turning on the heat would have been cheaper!)

BUT...the Lord is good!!!  Take a look at how the water soaked the carpeting.  It only soaked in areas that were not under the furniture.

You can see how the water meandered around areas and didn't touch the furniture.  Most of the gushing water came down into the master bath.  The water that did come down in the living room area was dripping only inches from the couch, but never on the couch.  The water dripped near the TV, but not on the TV.  The Lord really protected his things!

The guys began moving all the really large pieces out before the water eventually wicked into that area of the carpet.  As you can see the pieces are huge (more on that in a moment.)

Miss Janice was happy that the "Troops" showed up to move the furniture...she certainly didn't want to do it all by herself!

Mister's son Trevor came from Arlington to help with the move. He was a big help!

A few good men, a big concentrated effort...

a lot of hefting and heaving into the trucks...made the work go quickly.

Once everything was loaded and tied down we headed Waxahachie.  Long story short...his son , Scott, made the furniture we moved out.  Scott is going to refinish the pieces and he's going to cut then in half so in the future they will not be so cumberson to move.

Scott's business is on the edge of Maypearl and Waxahachie.  Taylored for Texas can be found here at their warehouse work space, selling in Canton - in the Arbors I, Booth 3 and 4, or here on their website.  I was thinking "small" shop...but it looked like he had ALL the space in this warehouse complex.  We were able to tour a little and see some of the things they create and explore the shop space.  The most exciting part was that Scott was preparing to leave for Houston on that Sunday afternoon to be part of the Extreme Home Makeover show. 
Taylored for Texas created one of the beds for the show.  I'll keep you posted as to show time, and hopefully you will be able to see the AMAZING bunk beds he created!  You will be SHOCKED! Every little boy in the world would want one!  I won't give a thing away, except to tell you to stay tuned!

We had additional help once we arrived and the furniture was quickly unloaded.

All the pieces were placed into an emplty warehouse space.  It will be awhile before the Mister needs these pieces or awhile before he can resettle in another apartment.  He won't stay long, though, in February his lease is up and he'll be moving into a house he plans to rent.  So, looks like Scott has time to work on the furniture pieces and get them ready for a new home.  I wish Scott and Dee all the best success for the Home Makeover event!  Millions will see his designs and workmanship.  They'll be swamped for business.

Emily rode with us to Waxahachie, since we loaded everything into her truck.  I told her she could stay home and use my car...but NO!  I knew she was hoping to find some Antique store open.

We did find a few antique stores open...but just as many were closed.  This place above had a cute sandwhich shop inside, but it was dark!  We had to race through the stores that were open because they were closing soon and we didn't have a lot of time to just wander and touch everything.  However, Emily did find a treasure...some turquoise glasses.  She was very happy she came along for the ride.

We drove around the square and scoped out all the places we want to come back and see when everything is open. The Buffalo Creek Cowgirl shop looked very intriguing.   Looks like a Saturday outing soon!

We found this cool gate down a side street...I love how it looks.

The little gate was close by this really interesting looking shop.  I look forward to returning to Waxahachie and spending a whole day exploring.  My husband was kicking himself that he didn't bring his "good" camera and lenses.  Oh well, he had to use my camera to catch a few shots of the courthouse!

I'm really anxious to hear about Scott's adventure with Ty Pennington.  I wonder if they will like Scott's handiwork?  I'm sure they thought it was FABULOUS (to use Miss Janice's word!)
Be sure and check out Scott's website and stop by and visit him in Canton.  Tell him I sent you!
Till next time...

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