Friday, January 22, 2010

Vanity Projects

I seem to have so little time for sewing these days, so when I get a few hours, I seem to gravitate to the sewing machine. 
I recently bought material to make new curtains for these windows.  They let a lot of cold in during the winter and I want to be able to close them when the temperature gets really low (not like it does a lot here in Texas, but I'm also able to close them against the sun and heat.)

These are the new curtains I made.  I really like the brown and teal colors together and hope to add some more brown into the space.  I want them to be able to slid easily, so I still need to take them up a little bit (they hang too long behind the furniture).

I still had projects hanging around since Christmas.  Emily bought this little vanity stool on sale and wanted the cushion recovered.

She decided not to paint the legs since they are in such nice shape.

Whoever last covered this stool must have used a whole box of staples!

Emily picked her fabric and I finished it in a very short time.  Here it is...couldn't figure out why it looked so crooked, but realized it hadn't been screwed down to the legs yet.  I think it turned out rather nicely!

Here it is at her vanity.  Looks cute!

I also had a vanity stool from my sister that she wanted recovered! She put this fabric on when she first got this from our grandmother...and as you can needs HELP!  She's been covering this up with a towel.

She had an old chenille bedspread she wanted to use as the new vanity seat and she wanted a little ruffle to dress up the vanity.

I think it turned out pretty cute.  Haven't heard from her, yet.  Her husband picked it up I'll have to wait and see?

If she decides she doesn't like it....well, she'll have to recover it this time!

Headed to my daughters to lay a new cork floor.  I'll be sure and take my camera so you can see the progress.

Till then,

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Angie @ Ranch Dressing said...

Good ideas...really like the chenille vanity chair.