Saturday, February 13, 2010

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Valentine Project...
I bought this bolt of Valentine fabric a few years ago. I first saw this fabric in my local quilt shop about five or more years ago...then it disappeared. I remember trying to find it a couple of years later - to no avail.  But, I found this bolt at an antique mall for very little money, and of course, I bought the whole bolt. So, now I'll have to come up with Valentine ideas for years to come!
I decided on making pillows from my left over drop cloth (see last pillow post here) and began to gather up all my supplies.  I have some old cutter quilt parts, some pretty vintage lace pieces...
Rick-rack bits of trim and a lot of odd pieces vintage doilies and old lace.
I'm sure I'll need buttons to finish embellishing the pillows!
I made these valentine heart pillows from the fabric last year.  I used pieces of quilts and (some new and some old) and odds and ends of trim. 
For these pillows I began with a piece of the drop cloth and a valentine picture from the bolt of fabric.  The picture determined the colors I would use as I sewed each piece down and layered new pieces on top.  This one was mostly pinks and blues.  The large star piece was from the old quilt I used for my parents 50th anniversary. (You can see that project here.)
This pillow I specifically made for a quilter.  I used a vintage piece of a double wedding ring quilt that is in very bad shape.  I was able to cut a good size piece of the ring that was in very good shape. Vintage lace, buttons and a velvet piece of rick rack finished off the top.
This pillow has a very pretty old piece of lace.  The small round circle comes off the quilt top that was used in my 50th anniversary project for my parents.  I have one pear snap from an old western shirt as the lone embellishment on this pillow.
On this pillow I used the upholstery webbing as part of my trim.  I like the red and white theme (I'm always partial to red!)
Here's the whole group!  I think they turned out pretty cute!
I made gift tags to attach to the pillows and stamped the recipients name on the tag.
I tried a slightly larger picture for the tag...not sure which I like better...
But, I think the ladies of my dinner group liked their pillows.
Till next time...

2 Cowgurls said:

Texasbelle said...

Thank you! The ladies of dinnergroup LOVED our pillows!

Meander said...

Those tags are just precious! I want them!!! =) Thanks for sharing!