Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Home Project

A new project is in the daughter purchased her first home.  She signed the papers this morning and has the keys to her new castle.  It's a cute little house near the historic district in McKinney.  She loves the size and look, but there is work to do before she moves in.
She wants to accomplish some minor painting in the kitchen area.  We have some ideas for the cabinets and new paint color, but in all she's very happy with all the cupboards!
She loves this little detail for showing off her vintage finds!
She'll change the curtains and bring in her table and chairs, but not sure what else she plans for this area.  We still need to look at paint chips and decide on colors.
I know right after the kitchen we'll be tackling this small bath off the kitchen.  The wallpaper MUST GO!
And...seriously...a two tone toilet? 
This is the main bath.  Not too much cosmetically, but I'm sure it will also receive new paint and some imaginative details.

I'll keep you posted as we progress through the house and will be posting more pictures of the before and after projects.
It's exciting to start a new project...especially exciting to be working with my daughter and helping her bring her creative genius to life.  I'm proud of her in this leap of faith and know she's going to enjoy her "home ownership!"
Till next time,

2 Cowgurls said:

Janera said...

oh, goody! I can't wait to see how you spice up the place! Keep us posted.

Elli from Toronto said...

.. be open - minded and embrace new way of life.. The space should be comfortable and personal first of all. Make your own home exactly what suits you the best. The trick is - fewer pieces, dramatic scale.. I wish you all the best! Elli