Monday, April 19, 2010

Grapevine, Texas

Saturday morning Miss Janice and I headed out to Grapevine, TX for a little adventure. Specifically, we were headed to Red Shed Antiques for their Saturday Sale.  Miss Janice mapped out an estate sale stop on our way, and we found several neighborhood wide garage sales in Flower Mound.

A cancer diagnosis led Michele McKechnie to follow her bliss and dream up her "Red Shed" concept. For Michele's full story check it out here: The Dallas Morning News.
  Currently the Riverside Travel Gallery and the Red Shed Cottage Chic Antiques reside at the same address: 317 Church St., Grapevine; 817-310-6006
You can check out the website:  Red Shed Cottage Chic Antiques
Or follow via the blog:  Red Shed Antiques Blog

It was misty and overcast for most of Saturday, but I didn't notice any shortage of people roaming around Grapevine.
The furniture was laid out in the yard and all about the garden.
There were many beautiful handmade items...
as well as items purchased here and there on many shopping trips.
These large wall plaques were sold while I was in the store.
I loved the look of these small doors hung over the windows.
Very airy and interesting.
I thought these pockets were adorable...
very sweet!
There were several items made from old piano rolls.
My personal favorite was this wall hanging.
I also loved these old sewing machine drawers covered with sheet music.
We both purchased items at the Red Shed...the whole place was a visual treat!  To see even more pictures, be sure and check out their blog!
Next we headed to "Fancy This" and small garden shop. The courtyard was inviting.
I loved this flower "bed"!
Inside the small shop were loads of "metal" flowers.  Most of these were from the Round Top Collection.
The shop was soooo full of goodies I made the round three times just to be sure I saw it all!
Love the bluebonnets...this looks like any bar ditch in Texas!
We ate lunch at Off the Vine.  Be sure to get the French Dip...absolutely great food (and service).
There were many interesting sites and "weird" finds in Grapevine. 
I believe this is the fist time I've ever seen a "skooky" (my granddaughters word for spooky) red bird.  He just is too strange to hang near a Christmas tree!  He won't be coming to my house!
Elvis was hanging out in a back hall at the Arts and Craft Show.
And there were available men just waiting for you to come and sit a spell and have a little chat with them.
My favorite item of the day was this crocheted cake.  Who'd have thought?  I'm just not sure WHY you would want to crochet a chocolate cake?
I found many treasures in Grapevine on Saturday...all in all a successful adventure. side bar.  Sunday I went with my daughters to Trade Days in McKinney, TX.
Couldn't resist sharing this "homemade" camper and front grill.
Someone made this special...just for this truck and trailer unit.
This was obviously a special project to someone!

Well, I'm sure I'll be back to sewing this week.  Emily will come for dinner tonight so we can rip all the fabric from the couch cushions.  They are next on my list to complete!
Till next time,

2 Cowgurls said:

Terri said...

Ok Deb, I have to attend this Grapevine thing!!! Is this an annual event?
Also..... I have an old drop leaf table. One side has bad water damage. I keep leaves down w damage to wall. I want to paint it and try your wax finish.
What type of paint? Will wax dry hard or do I need an additional finish?

Meander said...

I so want the flower "bed"!!! and the eiffel tower!!! Looks like fun, I want to go shopping with ya'll! Too bad I live soooooo far away!