Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cushion Sewing

At it again...or still! I'm back to recovering cushions.  Seems to be the never ending job - torecover Emily's cushions.  They appear to be multiplying upstairs!  Originally she had the two love seats and I recovered the cushions to complete one love seat and the seat cushions to the second love seat - then I ran out of material  I was using a "sample bolt" from my friend and actually had enough to do quite a bit with the amount of fabric on the bolt.  Unfortunately...we had to order the second bolt to complete the back cushions of the love seat.   Then...miracle of all miracles...Emily was given the matching couch to go with the incomplete love seat.  Now there were three more backs and there more seat cushions to recover...and more material to order!

We spent a full evening pulling apart the seat cushions so I could begin the sewing process (still have the backs to rip apart!)  We saved the zippers, but the old cording was in bad shape to try and reuse.
I covered them with new batting to stabilize the foam and give a little bit of firmness to the seats.
Then comes the "diggly" work (as my mother-in-law is fond of calling it.)
Creating the zippers

and more zippers....
and creating miles and miles of cording.
and half way through...more cording.

Oh...and more cording!

AND...I still think I will need to make more! HA!
Till tomorrow...debi

1 Cowgurls said:

Diane said...

Know how you feel girl! Used to make cushions and sell them on ebay. I stopped sewing a year ago and havn't been back in my sewing room!