Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Adventures

This weekend is the Lavender Ridge Farms Lavender Festival. It will run for the Memorial Day Weekend May 29-31, 2010 9am-5pm.  Click on the link to read the flyer and find directions.  If you're in the Gainesville area, stop by!
We headed out from home about 9:00 am.  My sister and brother-in-law came along for the full day adventure.  As you know, we don't really plan out our day or trip route...just however the spirit leads...which always means a good time!
  The fields were full of flowers ready to cut.  You can buy plants ready to take home, purchase dried lavender or you can cut your own fresh from the fields.

 The smell of lavender was strong. Just brushing past them as I walked the field emitted their soothing fragrance.
 Lavender Ridge Farm was decked out and ready for all the visitors.

 I loved these little birds.
 There were a lot of vendors this year.  I think there were an over abundance of vintage tablecloths...but I loved looking through every table full!
 More than in years past. 

There were a lot of items, both old and new, 
 and so many cute things to "make a decision about purchasing..."
 and plenty of  herbs and other plant materials to purchase.
Once we left the Farm (Gainesville) we headed to Muenster via a new route. Peter wanted to check out an old saw mill that was in the area.
 Who knew these guys were along the road. The guy on the mower kept waving for us to come on over.  Not sure why I would need his services.  I haven't found a need for any large people on my property.
 Not sure what her deal is!  Why is she with these guys?  Why is she so short?  Why does she have a calf?
 What is with her hand?
Hmmm...this looks familiar! Maybe she knows why the lady is waving.
We stopped in Muenster at the Antique Mall along Hwy 82.
 From there we headed to Nocona to the Two Blonde's Antique Mall....then on to Bowie.
We saw these windmills along the road and, of course, had to stop and take a picture.  But while, Peter was taking a picture from his side of the car...
 we spotted wild plums from our side of the car.  He headed toward the windmills, and we  headed into the bar ditch to pick plums. 
 Good pickers are hard to come by!

We arrived in Bowie and headed straight to the Red Barn to rummage through the treasures there (and there were plenty!) We didn't have a lot of time in downtown Bowie.  I think the town rolls up the sidewalks at 4:30 on Saturday's.  The whole downtown area was pretty deserted.
However, there was time to look through the one shop that was still open.  The owner was very kind and kept her shop open past the five o'clock hour to let us finish shopping.  My sister and I finished looking and left our purchases for the guys to pay for.  We headed outside for a little rocking on the porch.  They guys were still inside digging through some typesetter letters...but we were able to enjoy the afternoon breeze and the quiet streets of Bowie.
My favorite sites for the day were this great floor in the back area of the Two Blonds Antique Store.
This chair can be found in Bowie at the Red Barn.  Don't think I've ever seen one covered in cowboy boots!
 And'...there's just something about a lamp that has a dress.  I love how these look like ballerinas.
 We ended the day at the Prairie House in Little Elm.  We knew they had music on the porch on Saturday nights...but did not know there was karaoke!  Needless to say...some sings better than others!
 We had a full day, a lot of fun, and so much laughter. Nothing beats a "gypsy" kind of day!
Till tomorrow...debi

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