Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sewing Celebration!

Hurray!  Emily's cushions are complete!  All 10 cushions have been recovered and I am soooo ready to move on to new projects!  Emily took the cushions home, but I'll get some pictures of them "in place" as soon as I get over to her house.  I still have the kitchen curtains to finish, but they don't feel as urgent (she doesn't need them to enjoy watching TV!)
With the completion of the cushions I decided to totally do something for myself.
I purchased this pattern awhile back (when they were on sale.)  As soon as I saw the pattern I had an idea of what I wanted to do.
The red fabric was left over from another project.  There was just enough of it to cut the blouse pieces.  I also knew I wanted to use this small embroidered tablecloth.  It's one of those pieces I bought, despite the fact it is in bad shape in the middle of the cloth. There are a few small holes and some really bad stains that just won't come out, but I still love all the embroidery. 

I cut the good edges of the tablecloth that were usable and sewed it in as the yoke of the blouse. 
I still have the placket to complete. I want to put decorative snaps down the front instead of buttons that will require a trip to the store!
I'm working on lots of new till tomorrow...

3 Cowgurls said:

Hollace said...

That is just adorable! I love old embroidery, too, but you really put this one to good use! And in time for the 4th!

Meander said...

Can you make another?!?!? I want one!!! ;)

Lori said...

Very cute! Good idea, using the tablecloth.