Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Project - Bracelet

On one of my trips to Canton last fall I saw a really cute bracelet for a "sister"!  I really liked the idea...but...

cheap me! At that time I did not want to pay the money to purchase the item.  More importantly, I wanted to find my own charms for a "sister bracelet" that would have meaning to me and my sister.

I spent most of the last year looking for different charms and items I could put on my bracelet.  One of the first charms I found (while shopping in Oklahoma) was a Texas Charm and a Texas bluebonnet charm.

I found my Scrabble tiles here ins McKinney.  I made a small template from a sticky note and marked where I wanted to drill my hole.

I used my husband's Dremmel to drill the holes. I'm thinking it may have to live upstairs in my craft room. ( I'm going to need it to finish the clothespin dolls I'm also working on completing.)

It didn't take too long to get all the letters drilled and put jump rings on all the items that I wanted to place on the bracelet.

Here is the finished project.

We celebrated two birthdays last night, my sister, Sidney and my daughter, Emily! 
Son-in-law, Mike, manned the grill for steaks, baked potatoes, and add a great salad! Perfect birthday meal.

I think it fits!  It's been a fun time searching for the different charms and deciding what I would add to the bracelet.

Several of the charm had words.  Two were Believe and Remember!  We've gone through a lot together...and I know there are many more years for us to enjoy!

AND, just so you know...the blackberry cheesecake was a big hit!

Till tomorrow...

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