Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday in McKinney - Part I

This morning started early, for a Saturday.  We left the house about 7ish to be at a garage sale.  Usually I would not care to be the first one there, but today's sale was all about art supplies!
Canvas, brushes, paints, colored pencils, gesso, mat gel...etc.  Not something I want to miss, because the price is right. 

Once my purchases were paid for we headed over to Cafe Malaga' for breakfast. 

It was not too hot to be outside, and the patio is just too pretty to not enjoy in the early morning hours.

Keith has come up with some wonderful breakfast items!  I tried the Bacon & Egg Biscuit (An over easy egg and maple smoked bacon served in our homemade cheddar-green onion buttermilk biscuit.)

Peter tried the Flamenco Hash (Spanish chorizo, onion, red bell peppers, garlic, and potatoes with an egg baked in the middle.) Both breakfast items were delicious.

The patio was very quiet and felt private while we finished our coffee.

By the time we left...there were about 15 - 20 men
that had gathered for a Bible Study in the cool of the morning.
What a great way to start the day!

Once we left Cafe Malaga' we headed to the Farmer's Market at Chestnut Square.  I could not believe all the people there!

It was jammed packed!  There were loads of fresh goodies (from fruit to pastries, vegetables to pies and jams!)  I picked up some fresh corn and black eyed peas.  Can hardly wait to eat them!

Our next stop was to check out the grand opening of Diggin' it!  It's located on Tennessee in the old Greyhound Bus station.

Don't you love the transformation? 

These three ladies are waiting for you to come on over and shop for your own personal funky garden items!

 I think Tracey Collins, Janet Eskridge and  Monica White were having so much fun today...they forgot they were at work!  These ladies loved showing us around and pointing out all the great finds in the store!

There were some cute, cute things for sale!

This small slipper chair covered in a vintage bark cloth really wanted to come home with me!  Just no room!!!

And who could resist these sweet bird shutters (there are two)?

I was diggin' everything I saw!

And the prices?  I should keep them a secret so that I can go back and buy all the things I really liked before you head over there and take the goodies to your homes.

Now, I happen to know who purchased this chair...and I can't believe she would come and take it from this sweet thing!  This little pup was all settled in for the day and I don't think she'll be too friendly to let this chair leave the store! (She did run out after me and jump into my car...which I found it is how Tracey found her!)

There's a large outside area that Tracey said she was planning to fill with plants and more outdoor items for sale.

If you have any time this need to get on over to Diggin' It and see what is left from the weekend.
 You can find Dittin' It at


Next stop was the Salsa Shop
Now, I've been in this store many times and I've spent way to long taste testing everything in the store!

Randy Abshire and his wife Jeannine are the owners of this great shop!
Today Wyatt was helping out at the computer and making sure that Dad was toeing the line!


As you can see...there is more to taste in here than you could work your way through in an hour (or longer!)
Peter had never been in the shop before, so that meant spending a little time tasting our way around the shop!
My absolute favorite are the Candied Dill Pickles and any of the Jalapeno jellies!

Be sure the check out the website for a list of all the great buys in the store, and if you need anything special give Randy a call or shoot him an email!  He would love to help you!
206 E Louisiana Street #102, McKinney, Texas 75069

There are plenty of items to tickle your taste spend some time taste testing and I'm SURE you will find something to take home...and you couldn't meet a nicer guy than Randy!

There are three other shops I really want to share with you, but I think I will save them until Monday.
Patina Green, Heirlooms and Morning Star Antiques. 
Lots of great things to share, (and I took a ton of pictures for you to look at) so check back on Monday!

Till tomorrow...

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