Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lake House

Last weekend my sister and I were away for our "sister retreat".  We were offered a friend's lake house for the weekend.  The house itself was first rate as a place to stay...but the lake, the surrounding yard and boathouse were absolutely beautiful.  We had such a relaxing time with no worries.  We could cook, if we liked, or go out.  Nothing was "too" far away, but we mostly stayed at home and enjoyed hanging out on the boat dock fishing and swinging in the hanging swings.

Sunrises and sunsets were God's glory.

I made a very small attempt to watercolor them.  I actually printed photos onto fabric then used my watercolor pencils to colorize the photos.  I glued the fabric onto canvas and used my "Fragile Crackle" to give an aged look to the two photos.

This was a sunset,

and this was a sunrise...
I hoped to create a "memory" to give to the family that loaned us their lake house. 
I wanted the two photos to look as if they were a panoramic view of the lake in front of their boat dock.

This was our view daily from the boat dock.

I painted dark blue around the edges (before using the crackle.)  Once both steps were dry I rubbed an aqua and pink color into the cracks so they would be subtle and not too dark.
These are the two parts before I sealed them with a sealer.

It's easier to see some of the cracks in this second one.

I have a couple of new techniques I want to try on canvas...but for now, these are finished.
I have several other projects I want to complete, so hopefully I'll have a productive week!
till tomorrow...

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Shannon @ Hase Haus said...

Beautiful! You are quite the artist!! Have you been working lately? How do you have so much time for all of these wonderful projects?!