Monday, August 23, 2010

Missy Z is back....

Missy Z was back to sew again.  She's been gone most of the summer...traveling with her grandmother and her sisters.  She's also been texting me to set up another sewing time for her.

Last time she was here she was a "sewing fool".  When one item was finished...she sewed another, and another.  I think she was so thrilled with the idea of learning to sew that it drove her to make more.
You can check out her last sewing "marathon" here:  Learning to Sew

We didn't have such marathon sewing this time...we took time out for shopping, swimming and eating pizza out at a new restaurant

Missy Z already knew she wanted to make a purse or bag for school
Once we shopped patterns, she settled in on a big bag that would hold her books.
She opted on a tye dyed pre-quilted material.  We started out following the pattern,

but by the time we got to sewing the pocket onto the other side...she was ready to try a little decorative sewing.  We used some pink bias tape and a little decorative stitch along the edges.

We added a pocket to the interior of the bag.  One was not called for in the pattern instructions, but what good bag doesn't have a deep pocket inside?  She also put in her first zipper!

Missy Z was so pleased with her sewing project.  She wanted to know if we could make some "extras" for her new bag.  She wanted to make a makeup bag, a tissue holder and a sunglasses holder.

You can see for yourself just how pleased Missy Z is with her newly completed bag.  Hopefully it was perfect for her first day of school.

Till tomorrow...

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