Friday, August 13, 2010

Recycle - Dried Paint Art

While we were working on Emily's house I saved the dried paint from the paint trays.  Yeah, I know, kinda freaky.  I just thought it looked too cool to throw away.  I wasn't sure how they would end up...but these paint "slabs" have been sitting on my drafting table (drying out) for several months now and I figured it was time to move them into a project.

  I first painted a large canvas with the back ground colors, which are similar to the paint colors.

Next, I cut different shapes from the paint "slabs" and glued them onto the canvas.

While waiting for all that to dry, I printed Emily's favorite verse using my all time favorite font, Bleeding Cowboy!  If you don't have this font you need to get it.

I thought I still need additional 'decorations' to enhance the piece.
I found these small baubles in my stash. (Left over from another project, of course.)

A few here...

and a few there...

I think it turned out pretty cool...considering it was dried paint someone was going to throw away!

Emily made sure she took it home with her I think she liked it!

I completed two other project today...I'll post pictures once they've 'dried.'

till tomorrow...

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