Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Activities...

One of the luxuries of a holiday is having my granddaughter come over and stay with us. 
She coming to play and spend a little time away from baby brother...but she also enjoys learning new things.

This weekend we polished the silver (yes Tante Margrit...she had a lot of fun!)
This is a beautiful Tea Service given to me by Oma, and I have enjoyed it for many years now. 
Lauren learned all about tarnish, silver polish, "elbow grease" and drying your silver thoroughly.  She told her "Bapo" she had a lot of fun.

Next item on our list was breakfast...she spotted a "new" tool I'd picked up at an antique market and she wanted to know if we could use ...whatever it was for.  I explained it was for "juicing" - a totally new concept for her. 

After a little explanation and some more "elbow grease" she got the hang of it.

After fighting through squeezing 5 oranges...

we barely had one cup of juice.  We discussed how strong women must have been in the past and how they used their muscles for hard kitchen chores that we now have electric appliances to help us prepare.

Next, she learned about straining.

She was very pleased with her "surprise" for Bapo!

She also decided on the pretty table setting, and decorated the plates with some small champagne grapes.

Of course, lest we forget she is still a little girl...she wanted Mary Lou to have breakfast with us.

A great spread for a day off work!

Now...on to a day of swimming!  No more work today!
Happy Labor Day!
till tomorrow...

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Hollace said...

What fun, to have someone to "play house" with. Teaching her and passing on generations' of treasures and how-to's must be such a joy!