Thursday, September 16, 2010

No Sew Curtains

I spend most of my working hours in an old house.  I love that!
The ministry I work for (3e McKinney) is actually located upstairs in this house, and another ministry (Seed Sowers) occupies the space downstairs. (Be sure and check them out!)

The house had been renovated for office use and is the perfect place to spend my working day. 
When Seed Sowers moved in they set about to re-arrange how their rooms were going to be used to better suit their needs.
There is a large room at the front of the house and Seed Sowers moved the conference table and chairs into that area because it was much more spacious than the prior space.  However, there are no doors in this area and they wanted a little privacy between the Conference Room and the work area.

Knowing that there's not a lot of money for fabric (we would need over 10 yards to make both sides pretty) I decided on the drop cloth route!

I stenciled a design around the edge in a light brown - then offset the stencil a little and came back with some black to make it look a little shadowy and "vintage."

One closet pole and some curtain hooks (all bought on sale)...finished the project.

Once I got them hung up I paper clipped the pleats so it would hang straight.

Since this is a "new sew" project - the excess fabric is folded over to one side.

The side toward the work area is stenciled on the edge, and is very simple.

Easy, easy project - Total $37.00!

We're back working on Emily's much to show in the next few days!
Till tomorrow...

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