Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rainy Day Activity

A few weeks ago we stopped at the "junkiest" junk sale I think I've ever seen.  There was not much that anyone would want to buy...but I did see this footstool.  It was a whopping $1.00!  Maybe I should have haggled and only paid .50!!!


Of course, I immediately thought of Emily. She's been looking for some kind of footstool for her to use when she sits on her couch.

 I already have a "vision"!

The first thing I need to do is take off the fabric that was tacked to the bottom of the stool.
Can you say STINKY!!

It's already looking better.  A little bit of cleaning of the wood also helps!

I know Emily is going with a more "Western" theme in her home, so I looked through my "stash" for western fabrics I knew I had. (I have one more pillow top for another project I want to do.)

I had fabric that was the same chenille pattern I used on her couches, but it was a more chocolate brown tone than the blue of her couches.  I also still  had plenty of piping I'd made from the blue chenille for her couch.

So...I used the western topper, the brown fabric and the blue trim...I think it's coming together!

I added a zipper along the one side, in case she wants to take it off.  She can also turn her cushion over to a "plain" side if she gets tired of her "cowboy."

Emily can decide how she wants to finish the wood...I did the hard part.

She can sand, paint or ... whatever!

I think she liked it...since she took it home right away!

Well...long weekend to look forward to, and hopefully I'll be able to complete a few more projects that are "hanging" out there!

Till tomorrow...

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