Friday, September 17, 2010

Re-start Emily's Project

Well...when we last left off at Emily's new house "makeover" we had almost all the rooms painted.  Work projects, vacations, conventions...lots of things have put us at a crawl.  I'm still sewing for the house (window treatments and other small items), but the big projects had come to a total stand still.
To re-fresh your memory, this is how the room originally looked when Emily purchased the house.  Yellow walls and green/brown carpet.

We got busy painting the walls and freshening up the woodwork, but at that point we did not have carpet for the room (and as we have since found out, what was underneath was NOT pretty - old 1960's linoleum!)

We eventually got carpet for the room...then it was a loooooong wait to get it laid.  That finally happened this last weekend!

The carpet was a "free" remnant from a friend of my husband who owns a carpet business (plus he threw in the pad!)
It really freshens up the room.

It has all of Emily's colors in her house packed into that carpet!
Here's a picture of  the same carpet that her sister had bound to use as an area rug in her living room.


Believe it or not there is still enough left for another room...I think I may need it in my own office! (It's the right colors!)

The next element to go in the room is a book shelf  "system."  Since Emily wants to use this room as her office...all the shelves are perfect.
Due to the fact my husband is a facility manager...he's always supervising the tearing up of offices to make room for new offices.  These book cases came out of a lawyers office in his building.  It's one of the components we've been waiting for (he knew they would be available when the lawyer left the space.)
 It's amazing to me that "stuff" is trashed and thrown away when a tenant leaves their old space.  Guess they think it's cheaper to "rebuild to the new space" than to take the old stuff with them.  (My husband is opposed to throwing away good wood!)  We've benefited many times from someones "throw aways"!

This weekend the guys will affix the shelves to the walls, trim them out and we'll start creating this room as a home office for Emily.  The shelves fit very nicely wall to wall!  They will look like custom built ins when all is said and done.
We are also working on a door "system" that will enable her to close off this room if she needs to. 

Well, unloading the shelves was enough for one day (I just watched. HA!)...more on them tomorrow...
till then,

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