Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Touring Texas - Navasota and Brenham

We left Bryan fairly early and headed to Navasota to find a place to have breakfast.  (My favorite place in Bryan was closed...and there was a For Sale sign in the window...sadness!)

We asked several people coming out of the Post Office where we could find a good breakfast, but no one could tell us where to eat in town.  Peter got out his iPhone and searched for local restaurants and came up with the Filling Station.

The sign out front advertised breakfast for $3.99...that included 2 eggs, 2 bacon or sausage, toast or biscuits with gravy, and grits or fried potatoes.  Happy Day!
Our waitress was very friendly, and the owner, Mitchell White made sure we were enjoying our breakfast.  The service and the food was great!
Inside the decor was very retro as well as casual.  We enjoyed the coffee, the breakfast and the conversation.
Now ready for a full day....

There were several Antique and Junk stores in downtown Navasota...this by far...was the best.  The owner told us of his wife (she was in the hospital), of gentler days gone by...and most importantly, he wanted to deal.  I found a great piece to finish off my project in the upstairs bathroom (hopefully to be revealed very soon.)
There were several other places, but I neglected to take any other pictures...

We left Navasota around noon and headed to Brenham.  Our first sight in Brenham with this Country Grocery Store and Antique shop...intriguing, wouldn't you say?

The yard and surrounding area was filled with "stuff".  There was a shed...

a courtyard and an additional garage full of "stuff".

This house was also on the property!

As was this wonderful tree!

Inside the store the Antiques were mixed in with the food items.

It was the funniest place.  Everything mixed together.  Something for everyone!

Miss Mary stated she needed to sell enough Beer and Soda to keep her antique habit going!
We headed into the town center and there I met some very nice ladies hanging out at the "Antique Gypsy"...

(seems there is a  "Gypsy" theme this weekend!)

This is Mary Ellen West, who owns the "Antique Gypsy" and Susan White, who owns "Fancy That" which is   almost right next door. They were having a great time visiting, and I enjoyed meeting both of them.

This is right inside the door at the Antique Gypsy. Everything was so bright and colorful.  The old building was a perfect setting to showcase Mary Ellen's items.

This is up the street at  "Fancy That."  Cute lamp treatment!  There was also a hanging lamp with a full petticoat lamp shade, but it came out a little blurry.

She had lots of goodies in her store...and best of all, it smelled really good inside!!!
So...if you're in the area be sure and stop by and say "HEY" to the ladies.

There were a lot of places to see and shop in Brenham.

This was a really cool piece I found at B&C Victorian Antiques.  There were a LOT of high end pieces that were in pristine condition.  This old Account Register was in the back room.

It was made in Toronto! 
Don't you ever wonder how things ended up in Texas? Who brought it here or did they order it?  If ordered, how was it shipped to Texas?  What was the type of business that used this register?
I LOVE to know the history behind a piece!

We spent most of the afternoon in Brenham. 
Of course, the best part of Brenham is Blue Bell!
Who needs happy cows from California...we have the best ice cream cows right here in Brenham!!!
"Moo-lineum Crunch"...if you haven't tried it go immediately to the grocery store and buy some.  You won't be sorry!

We left Brenham and headed to Waco.  We skipped lunch, knowing we would have dinner on the Brazos.
Now, this is NOT the best restaurant in Waco.  In the time we've been eating here it's probably changed hands 6 times.  It's one of those LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

This restaurant has a large deck that juts out over the Brazos.  When our girls were little this was their favorite place to stop whenever we drove through Waco. (Notice I didn't say eat.) We always had to be sure it was "meal time" when we planned a trip going South.

This is the reason...there are many, many huge turtles just waiting for food.
If you look really close you can see the large catfish just under the surface waiting for the food to sink.
There are also ducks fighting the turtles for food and diving to keep the fish from getting anything.

The Turtles are so big...and there appeared to be a lot more baby turtles this time.

We enjoyed the sun setting on the Brazos and had a great appetizer to share.
It was a perfect ending to a great weekend....

Well....actually the Czech Stop in West, TX t(o buy Kolaches) was the perfect ending.
(Breakfast for Sunday morning!!)

Till tomorrow...

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Shannon @ Hase Haus said...

Oh my goodness! The Country Grocery Store and Antique shop looks amazing...I could spend hours looking through all the "junk"! The food part kinda weirds me out though. :) Cans of tuna next to antiques? I dunno...

What is that flowered-looking dresser in the Gypsy store? It looks so cute!