Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Restroom Suites

Returning home from our recent trip to the beach I needed a restroom break.  It's a full 12 hour drive from home to Pensacola, so we try to plan our stops via the "Cracker Barrel Map."
I know, I know...there are many of you out there that HATE Cracker Barrel.  Me..I love their books on CD's.  (I know, you can check CD's out of your local library, but we like to browse the books at Cracker Barrel.)
You pay for the CD initially, but if you return it within 7 days it only cost you about $4 for the rental.  We try to find a 5 to 10 hour book to listen to while driving, and will plan our next stop (via the Cracker Barrel map) when we know our CD is just about over.  Cracker Barrel has clean restrooms and the CD books are near the register for a quick look.  I can always find something interesting...Biography, Suspense, Inspirational...more than you'd think.  Check it out for yourself!

On our return trip home we somehow got off track for stopping and ended up looking for a "clean restroom" in Louisiana, just West of Baton Rouge.
We spotted a gas station and I saw the word "restroom" on this grey building.  At first it looked like it was attached to the gas station, but turned out it was a stand alone building in front of the station.
We pulled into the parking lot and went inside.

We were greeted by a very friendly "receptionist". She immediately started her "spiel" about their restrooms being similar to a fine hotel, and each suite is completely cleaned, refreshed and sanitized before the next guest checks in.

Fine hotel?
Guest check in to use a restroom?
The rooms are accessed via a key card and she said that the price to use the "room" was $5.00 (each), but she'd let us share the 'same room' for the one price.
(I can remember paying .10 to use clean stalls in the olden days!) HA! HA!
At this point, I know my mouth was hanging open! 
So...did we pay the fee?  Guess you'll have to decide. 
AND...if you don't believe me...check it out!
Is this the wave of the future?
Till tomorrow...

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