Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Baking

I love working in an old house.  Work always seems more fun!  But...more importantly...I love the ladies I work with day to day!

Having a kitchen in our old house also seems to be an advantage...so we declared a "baking day" at work! The kitchen is not huge, but all the important appliances are there, and we brought in whatever was lacking in the cupboards and got to work!

I also have to state here that I love the ladies I work with in our little house! The ladies of
Seed Sowers occupy the lower floor and 3e McKinney is upstairs.(Larry, Beth and I...poor Larry and all his ladies!)
Miss Stephanie works with Seed Sowers...and she's going to show us all how to make Truffles.

She prepared her ingredients early in the day so the chocolate would have time to harden before she began the process.

Stephanie and her little "elf" helper began rolling the truffles in powdered sugar and cocoa right after lunch.

I think our little 'elf' liked the process...

But, I think she's wearing most of the powdered ingredients. (You can't really see all the powdered sugar and cocoa on her sweater!)

As we worked...the Mounted Police kept busy right outside our window!  I stopped counting after the 6th car was pulled over...

Inside we were busy...some items we made that morning

and some items were prepared early (Larry insists he made these all by himself...thanks Ginny!)

Next, Wendy and our little elf helper made sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies.  I didn't catch a picture of the finished product, but our little elf iced the sugar cookies and decorated them with sprinkles.

We kept her busy all afternoon! 

We all agreed at the start that we didn't need the extra calories, so we packaged up our goodies and shared them with others who serve with us throughout the year.

We took a break for lunch, and all of us headed over to Sauce to eat and visit.  I took a picture of the ladies of Seed Sowers, but I think Wendy took a picture of our side of the table (Larry, Beth and I.)

Elaine, Stephanie and Wendy are the heart and soul of Seed Sowers.

While we were busy baking downstairs...Beth (the heart and soul of 3e) was immersed in putting together the last minute items for the Christmas angels from our local schools.  
Only two angels (from the thousand plus that were picked up) were left over that we needed to provide Christmas for this year. 
The churches, high school student councils and individuals of McKinney all pulled together to cover the many angels in need this year!
Beth has such faith...and to only have two left over...what a miracle!

Thinking of each of the ladies I work with, the Lord gave me a "word" that perfectly describes who they are and what they mean to their ministries...and to me.

Faith, Hope, Joy and Strength!  Each woman brings her gift to the job they do everyday!  Without the ladies these ministries would be lacking!

I made each of them a pillow with their "word" printed on the front.

Each pillow had a pocket to hold the scripture I used to describe each of them and their gift.  I printed the scripture onto fabric and tucked it into their pocket so it would be a reminder of their God-given "gift"...and to remind them, when they feel discouraged, of what they mean to others.
Elaine with her inner Strength,
 Wendy bringing Hope to others,
Stephanie so full of Joy
Beth filled with Faith!

I am so blessed and count it a privilege to work with these women...and know they are "Jesus" to so many in our community! 
If you know these women...hug them and give them a big thank you for what they do to make McKinney a better place to live!!!

Till tomorrow...

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