Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Projects

I have been on a "getting rid of binge" lately.  I have been merciless in moving out furniture, fabric and "STUFF". 
I spent Saturday going through the grandkids room, cleaning out the closet and removing toys they no longer use in their play.  Of course, clearing out means I have to "stage" the stuff some place to go through it, then the girls come and go through it...AND THEN it can finally leave the house.
Recently it seems there have been so many others that need items and I've been happy to see those carried away.  Two wing chairs to a recently separated husband without furniture, other smaller other items to a homeless family that just got into an apartment.
My biggest "stash" is fabric.  My girlfriend's husband is the sweetest to keep me in fabric (who needs diamonds? HA!...but there is only so much a girl can have!)

These two stacks of fabric reach to just above my waist!

I won't even begin to show you all the fabric I have stacked up...
In the past I've given some of the larger pieces to a group of quilters in Van Alstyne who are making quilts for injured and returning vets.  They do some amazing work!
One of the quilting ladies came to the house to go through the stacks and take what she thought the quilters would use...she was so happy (and I was happy to see several arm fulls being loaded into her car!)

If you leave near McKinney and could use some fabric...give me a shout! (there are 5 more stacks like this one!)

In going through each piece and deciding what I would KEEP helped me solidify some items I've been wanting to finish. (I'm also on a burn to complete or get rid of incomplete projects!)

This Santa cross stitch was made by my mother MANY years ago (so many I don't even remember!)  Every year I tell myself I'm going to make it into a pillow cover, but when I collect the fabric I think will look right, it just never seemed to be the right combination.

While organizing the fabric by weight, style and material (yes...it's easier for someone to take what they like that way!)  I found two really pretty chenille combinations that I liked.

I first stabilized the cross stitch before I sewed the strips along each side.  The red went along the top and bottom and the stripes along the sides.

Here's the front of the pillow...thanks Mom...I think it turned out cute!

Since I'll be using it as a cover for my "regular" pillows I made the back open with just a "tuck in" for the other pillow.  No buttons or closures...very simple.

I also discovered other fabric combinations while organizing the fabric.  These two seemed perfect for each other...and for the Santa picture.
These are probably not combinations the manufacturer would ever pair together...but hey...they looked perfect to me!

I'm currently working on many items, and completing several projects, but this time of year there's just no sharing (too many snoopers!)

I can give you a sneak peek of the latest plate I completed yesterday. 
More on them next time.

Till tomorrow...

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