Saturday, December 4, 2010

Prissy Hippie

I can't believe I just typed a new post and when I hit was gone.  Oh well...guess I can start again.

What's in a name? How about this name?

What a great name for a mother/daughter duo with "conflicting tastes and a shared love of accessories".  Sidney and Nicole Heinle make up this creative pair and they have combined their creative efforts and opened their new etsy shop.
Now I guess this is where I should put my disclaimer...this is my sister and my niece.  But hey...what's a blog for if not to promote your family?

What can I say about these two?
Nicole is the "Hippie" part of this duo. She is very "mid-century modern", opinionated (I love that about her), and is over the top artistic!  Nicole is a joy to be around...always smiling and sooooo very smart!  Nicole is one of the brightest architects I know. She's won acclaim in her field of work (think "GREEN") and is also known as a fantastic artist.  I own one of her original mixed media collages.  The piece hangs in a very prominent place in my office.  It makes me smile whenever I look up and see the color and design of her art.

Sidney is the other half of this creative team.  You're probably wondering about the name "Prissy".  Well, (and I'm getting ready to tread onto sacred ground here) I named her Prissy.  When we were small she was called "Little Miss Prissy Pot" (she was a very over the top "girly, girl Prissy type") and I thought Prissy was her name.  It stuck!

Over the years there have been "rules" about her name...when I should call her Sidney and when I could call her Prissy.  Too many rules (and aren't rules made to be broken?)...who can remember them all?
  In college I would start to call her Prissy, suddenly remember I was not to use that name, but couldn't just gracefully shift to Sidney.  What to do?  I ended up with Pre...then added her middle name.  Pre Jean was her name in college.  I'm sure she's the luckiest girl alive...three names!  So many choices to call her (and she'll answer to all of them). 
I'm also sure I'm in way too deep now...I expect a call any moment after I post this.  I will just assure her that not too many people she knows will read this (he he)!!!  ; >}
Her secret is safe with me! (LOL)

I love my sister...but she can be a very systematic and methodical person.  You might say she borders on obsessive (a BIG irritation to me!)  I love to move her things around (off balance) and push her out of her box! My mantra with her has been to "color outside the lines" (the lines are not your friends.)  When she wouldn't get out of the lines I would knock her arm and force her out of the lines.  I've ALWAYS believed her to be creative and now she's showing the world just that! 

The two of them make such a great team.  I know you will love their jewelry creations.

They have also given me permission to offer you
10% off
your purchase if you mention my blog.
Here's a sneak peak at a few of their items:

I'm sure you can find something you like! 
Do me a favor, head over to PrissyHippie
and see if you can't find the perfect Christmas gift for someone on your list!
Be sure to mention my blog for your discount!
Happy shopping.
Till tomorrow...

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