Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Small Bathroom Makeover

I love having many "irons" in the fire.  I usually have several projects going at one time, and this time of year is no different.  Currently I've been working on Christmas gifts (which I can't show you since I know there are snoopers out there!), but I'm also working on redoing my upstairs bath. 

The upstairs in our house used to be the girl's domain  I rarely went upstairs and they were responsible for their own "cleaning."  Now, however all the little birds have flown the coupe and have nests of their own, and the upstairs is now my domain. 
I have created an office, a sewing room, and an art the grandkids have their own play room!  No one really goes upstairs any more except me and the kids, but that may soon change! 
This coming year we may have a young woman come to live with us, so I've been highly motivated to downsize, clear out and make changes. 
I've been cleaning out the closets upstairs and the girls have been forced to take all their high school memorabilia, prom dresses, books and "stuff" that was accumulated over the years.
Furniture has also been leaving at a pretty good clip.  If the girls don't want it, I've found other families that have need of what I have, and if it helps them, I'm happy to send it their way!!!  As I've also mentioned, I'm downsizing my fabric also.

This bathroom upstairs has not been touched since we moved in the house (and that's been 11 years.)
The walls are blue, the tub, tile and cabinets are white and the flooring is blue and white.  There is a small bit of wallpaper along the ceiling that must come down. 
Once I started the process of pulling the paper down, I found another paper pasted underneath (cows).  Obviously the builder put up the wrong paper, discovered their error and then put our choice right over the top of the wrong paper. 
Just more work to pull it off!

The cabinets in this bath are the standard "new house" white, plain Jane cabinets.

The cabinet over the toilet is also plain Jane white, and the light fixture is too ugly to even discuss.

Here's a close up of the flooring...which will also be coming up in the days to come!

My first step was to paint all the cabinets a high gloss black.  I must confess at this point that I thought I could spray paint in that bathroom...HA!  Should have taken a picture of my black legs and feet from the over spray. When my husband came home he asked what I was doing...I just said I was working on a "project gone wrong."  Didn't want to confess too much, but he soon found out.  Needless to say...I rolled on the rest of the paint!  (It was fast and fun while it lasted!) AND...I did have the window open!!!

I'm also working on a mirror idea and I painted this piece black to match the cupboards.  This was originally the mirror from an old dresser, but it is missing the mirror.  The guy at the Antique shop gave me quite a bit off the price...when I pointed out there was no longer a mirror in the frame.  He laughed...but, I didn't have to pay very much for the piece.

Well...that is the first sneak peek of this bathroom.  I've got to finish pulling down the paper and then we'll start working on the walls.  We bought some old tin pieces to use in this bathroom...and I'm anxious to show you more as we pull this project together.

Till tomorrow...

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