Thursday, January 13, 2011

Small Bathroom Makeover

We have had a lot of cold weather in Texas...and it even snowed here. It is winter, but a little overboard for us!

The snow wasn't enough to keep me from work (just one morning of going in late) but it just makes you want to stay bundled up in front of the fire place.
But...projects are calling...
Today I primed the walls and tin pieces in the small bathroom.

I wanted to go ahead and paint the old tin pieces, especially since they are in a bathroom that will have a lot of moisture and humidity..
I love the old look of them, but I would rather seal them with the primer.  I will wash on another color when I'm finished painting to highlight the design in the tin pieces.

It makes everything look fresh and new.  I can see some spots that didn't get a good caulking...but I can fill those areas in before I paint.

My big disappointment was pulling the light fixture down and finding that the builder made two rather large holes for only one light fixture (not counting the screws they used to put it up.)  My "electrician" also noted there was no junction box in the wall for this light fixture. 
Nothing like doing a "bad" job in a new house.  That will have to be done correctly, then the holes patched, before the new light fixture can go up.

All finished for today.  It didn't take too long (it is a small bathroom!)
I think this room is going to be pretty once it is all put together!  I have the shower curtain and some other items that are all ready to move in, once the painting is complete!
I think it will be finished just in time for "company"...very nice!

Till tomorrow...

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Hollace said...

I love the tin ceiling tiles. We visited in Galena, Illinois once and their old main street had a row of shops all with tin ceilings! Loved it!