Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wedding Projects Begin

My daughter Emily will be getting married in April, so there are several projects on my "To Do" list that I have to complete in the next little while.

The wedding will be outdoors and will will have a decidedly "Texas" theme.
She has also chosen her colors, red and turquoise.

The first project I'm working on is pinwheels.  Emily wants the groomsmen to wear pinwheels instead of flowers.  We will also be using this smaller size as table decorations. 

I fused the two color fabrics together with double sided fusible interfacing and then cut all these
squares to be 3" x 3".

Once I cut all the squares I cut into each corner, leaving about 1" in the center.

I brought every other corner to the center and tacked it down.

Be sure to always bring the same corner down to the center so the pinwheel looks right.  On this one I brought down every left corner.

Once all the corners are tacked down, I sewed a button on top.

This pinwheel  (below) is a 4" x 4" one and she is thinking this might be the size she wants to use in the bridesmaids bouquet.

I also had time to sand the filled nail holes in the upstairs bathroom...ready to move on!

Till tomorrow...

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