Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I've been out of pocket, so to speak.  I had company last week.  It could not have been a better time to visit Texas.  The weather was "winter perfect" all week.  North Texas is usually in the mid 50's to low 60's, but last week our temperature was about 75 degrees. 


After preparing the guest room and putting my projects on hold, I was ready to be the guide and hostess for my out of town guest.  I didn't know my "young guest" very well (she is the niece of a friend) but I looked forward to getting to know her better and spending time showing her my home state!

We began our tour last Friday in Dallas.  We did the usual sites...grassy knoll, 6th floor...fatal drive.
Alas, no pictures, since I was driving. 
Upon leaving Dallas, we headed over to Arlington to see "Jerry World."

Since my young friend is a sports FREAK (over the top, if you know what I mean),  I knew a must stop on our tour was Cowboy Stadium. There was already a lot of activity and prep for the upcoming Super Bowl. They were placing cones and shutting down streets around the stadium last Friday.
Once she got a really good look, took some pictures of the stadium, we headed over to Cowtown!

I love the look and feel of Ft. Worth.  Whenever we have out of town guests, they all love to head to Ft. Worth to see the "Real Wild West."

Currently, Ft. Worth is smack dab in the middle of the Fat Stock Show.  (1896 was the First Stock Show in Ft. Worth.  Today the Stock Show is the place to enjoy plenty of fun and family entertainment. There are educational exhibits, livestock barns and midway rides.)
    There were a lot of visitors in town for the Stock Show, and there were people who had already arrived for the Super Bowl milling around last Friday 

There was a rodeo happening on Friday and Saturday night...and they were prepping the arena (cleaning up poop) for the night's activities.

We found the perfect vehicle to get us around Ft. Worth in style! 

Of course, we arrived in enough time to see the morning cattle drive.  I loved that there were several girls on the drive last Friday.  I think I could really like that job (except for a day like today when it's 19 degrees!)

The cattle is driven through the square twice a day.

The "rules" state you have to stay on the sidewalk and keep off the road, but I'm thinking most people don't want to jump in front of this guy!

I was really hoping to see the REAL George Straight...but I guess this cardboard cut out will be as close as I get!

Once we finished shopping we headed over to Joe T. Garcia's Mexican Restaurant.  The day could not have been more beautiful!
We sat outside next to the pool and enjoyed the best Mexican Food!  Best of all, we had opportunity to get to know each other and catch up on people we both know. It was a time of great company and excellent conversation.

Of course, to finish off the day we headed over to Pink's to shop. 
You know...you can't come to Texas and NOT go boot shopping!!!

My friend returned to her home state Sunday afternoon.  I think she got out of town just in time...today we were hit by a thunder sleet and snow storm.  It was snowing and thundering at the same time!
I worked on my small bathroom project, so new pictures coming!
Till tomorrow,

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