Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Wedding Pinwheels

Seems like all my time is going to pinwheels these days!
Not exactly true...but only 44 more days to complete all the projects!

I've also been working on the dress.  Emily wanted the black sash removed and decided she wanted a red and teal sash added to the wedding dress.

I had to open up the sides and the zipper of the dress to get all the pieces out! YIKES!

There was no other way to remove the pieces...just very carefully with the seem ripper. I also needed the pieces to use as a pattern to create a new sash that looked similar to the black one.

Emily wanted the red satin to be the main back ground color and have the teal color peeking out between the rows.  Not exactly the most simple solution, but after much "diggling" (my mother-in-laws word for small, hard handwork) I was able to come up with a solution.

It meant ironing the red into an accordion style sash, then cutting the teal pieces so they would slide into the "pockets" of the red....stitching them all down to lay flat and stay in place.

I have it all put back together, but I still need to get it put back into the dress...but I'll wait until the final fitting so that it all fits Emily perfectly.

The end result...Emily is happy with the change!  Now...on to the next project!

Till tomorrow,
P.S. Yes, Jared, these pictures have been altered so you can't see what the dress looks like!  :~}

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