Friday, February 4, 2011

Small Bathroom Makeover

WELL...4 days of snow and ice has kept me house bound.  I know, I know...the rest of the world is "mocking" but we are not prepared for this kind of weather.  We have trucks that throw sand on the roadways, no snow plows! (Although Amarillo sent us some snow plows to help keep the roadways clear for the Super Bowl!)

Anyway...with so much time at home, I'm all about finishing the upstairs bath.
When last I left you I showed you the awful job the contractor did behind the light fixture.
They cut the first big hole, but it came out on the wrong side of the stud, so they cut across the sheet rock, made another hole and shoved in all the wiring!

I purchased a fairly small light fixture, so once my husband cut a proper hole to house the electrical box there was no way my small light fixture was going to cover the whole mess.

Plan B...Peter took an unfinished drawer front (we have many in the garage...just for such emergencies! :>} )
He drilled a hole in the center of the drawer front, painted the whole piece black to match the fixture, and then attached the electrical box to the piece.

Once he hung it up and attached the light fixture on top of the drawer front it looked like a Plan A decision!

The total for the light fixture and the three globes (courtesy of Re-Store - the Habitat for Humanity Store) was less than $15.00.  The globes were only $1.00 each.  This absolutely fit my budget!

The painting is finished and all the touch ups for the cabinets and walls is completed. 
(This is how the light fixture looks in the light of day!)
I still need to add the electrical covers, but they're on the work table to "decorate."

I painted the final coat on the tin.  My last step is to wipe on a "color" to highlight the design.  I have to decide whether I want to wipe on an antique stain color, or use a stencil brush to lightly brush on a permanent ink color.  I have a test piece I'll work on tomorrow before I make my decision.

With all the cold weather this week, the frame for the mirror did not dry completely, so hopefully I can hang that tomorrow.

Since I've had so MANY free days this week, it just seemed natural that I NEEDED to pull up the flooring in this bathroom!
It has been well used by many "girls" and really needed to be "refreshed".  I don't think ANYTHING can refresh this floor!

Anyway, I think pulling up the flooring is my "final" answer.  It really didn't take too much muscle.  Seems the floor was only being held down in a few spots with the glue.  I was surprised how easily it pulled up from the sub-flooring.

It actually looks better without the old linoleum...but now another decision...paint the floor, lay down new flooring, or lay down tile?

I'm thinking my first step will be to sand and seal the floor.  I want to paint my own design on this floor.  (That choice would be FREE!)  However, if I don't like how it looks, I can always go to Plan for flooring (no matter what type of flooring I choose!)

Until I can make a final decision on the floor, I put this comfy rug down for the grand kids (since they use this bathroom.)

Hopefully tomorrow we'll be all thawed out, and I'll get the rest of the bathroom put together. 

Till tomorrow,

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