Saturday, February 5, 2011

Small Bathroom Makeover

After four days of being couped up in the house, we were able to get out and do some grocery shopping (along with the rest of McKinney!)

The day was too beautiful to be locked up working on the small bathroom, so I didn't get the new handles put on the doors or the original shower bar put back, but I did get the mirror hung and the towel hooks put up.

The mirror "frame" is from an old dresser...minus the dresser.  I like the look it creates in an otherwise "generic" new home bath.  I can also remove it whenever I move and take it with me, and there's still the original mirror underneath.

The Shower curtain is made from drapery weight fabric embellished with trim and western style silver buttons.  Very simple.

I already had the red, white and blue towels for the grand kids, but I want to add in black, along with the red and white.
Peter put up the three towel holders.  He made sure that one was low enough for our little guy to hang up his own towel. (He'll be excited about that!)

So, the last few things to complete: 
1. polish the marble sink top and make it shiny new again
2. install the new knobs for the doors
3. finish the switch plate covers 
4. hang the freshly painted shower curtain bar

I'm still deciding about my choices for the floor...any thoughts? 

I found this small light awhile back in Oklahoma, and knowing I was going to make this bathroom black and white...I got it so the grand kids would have a night light for their bathroom.

Once I check off my "To Do" list for this room I'm ready to move on to the next project.  (I'm actually already plotting it out, but I can't say it too loud!  Peter likes to think we're done...ha! NEVER!)

Till tomorrow...

P.S.  Just a reminder of what this bathroom looked like before...

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Karla at Home said...

Love your blog and bathroom. I hope you will visit my blog I live in McKinney in the historic district. I will make a McKinney blog list on the side posts like you did. Do you live in the district? Karla