Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Rain, sleet and snow!  Another winter day in Texas...who knew? This is not our typical weather.
I guess the only upside is another snow day.

Our big treat this morning was having breakfast with our neighbor Mr. Woodpecker. 
Mr. and Mrs. Red Bird, the Blue Jay's and various other bird families also came to eat breakfast.  This was the first morning we spotted the woodpecker at the feeders! 

Watching the snow swirl around outside put me in the mood to go on a "spring" hunt!
I certainly wasn't going to find it out my I began to hunt for evidence of spring inside my own house.

I love these vintage towels that hang in my kitchen.  They are colorful and bright, even with the passing of time and use.

A single rose can brighten any spot.  This rose is past it's "prime" but still lovely!

OK, OK...I know these flowers are fake, but they can certainly add cheerfulness to my table.

I thought if I brought out some colorful floral dishes they would brighten our table also.

I think setting the table with bright colors helps with this cold, gray day.

I also think setting the table with different dishes at each place is even more festive!
You can decide where you want to sit based what makes you smile.

These birds are singing with happiness to be inside rather than out in the weather.

But I think the best sign of spring I found inside was this sweet girl planting her seeds. 
She knows that spring is just around the corner!

Stay warm!
Until tomorrow...

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