Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cake Stand

Well, another wedding project well under way and "almost" completed.
Last night my daughter Emily, my husband Peter and her finance Jared worked on the cake stand plans.
If any of you are married to a "planner" then you know you can't begin without PLANS!

Detailed plans...which also required buying a cup cake to determine size and fit.

Now, I will add a small disclaimer here...I have suddenly come down with a bad case of the flu, so they were all working in the garage last night totally unsupervised (by me or course.)  That also meant no official documentation of the process.  The pictures provided here are ones my daughter took on her cell forgive me, they are not the best quality.

Emily and her dad have talked the idea all though and they knew exactly how they want the end result to be accomplished.  These two work quite well together (they are usually working together on various welding projects, but today they took to the saw!)
Once they had all the pieces measured and marked they began to cut them out.

The assembly process began next.  Emily wanted to cupcake holder to be quite dramatic.  It will hold over 90+ cupcakes, along with the top of the cake, which will be a separate cake.

Each layer was added and reinforced (guess they're thinking heavy cupcakes!)

Decorative trim was added along the bottom to finish it off.

It's quite an emposing sight.  They asked me what I thought...I could only think of one word..."LARGE!"
It's exactly what Emily envisioned!

There's still finish work (sanding and painting and probably some decorative embellishments) to complete the project...but I think we are finally seeing an end in sight to the wedding list (oh...I forgot...she needs a Kindle cover and a messenger bag to take on her honeymoon!)

Hoping I'll be over the flu soon...I have work to do!
Till tomorrow...

3 Cowgurls said:

Hollace said...

Get better soon. I'm still thinking about your banners. Glad you've already got so much done.
Nice to see a father/daughter team.

Lori said...

Get better soon. It's nice that you two to help your daughter out so much. You will have wonderful memories of your daughter getting married.

One question; What will you do with the imposing structure after the wedding?

debianne said...

Thanks, Lori...I think they can use it to train their dogs to do tricks on. HA! HA!