Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wedding Count Down

The count down has begun...The wedding is in 22 more days!
I've purchased my boots...yes it is going to be casual and western.
In keeping with Emily's red and teal color scheme - I went with the teal colored boots.

Of course the boots were based on a skirt I saw back in January.  While on a walk about the square I saw a skirt in the window that I just knew I had to have.  BUT, upon further inspection I found it cost $469.  (CHOKE!)  Not in my budget! 
OHHHH...but I LOVED the skirt.
It was tiered and the fabric was embroidered....and they could have it made in ANY color! ( was 20% off!)
The line of clothing is called Cinderella Cowgirl and each skirt I saw seemed more perfect than the last.  I visited it often and studied it's construction.  I went to Ft. Worth to see if I could find one there. There were several I found that were similar but, again, the price was out of my range.  When I finally tried it on I was told it was "one size fits all"!  REALLY?  Well, I'm here to say "one size NEVER fits all".

I didn't like how the waist fit or the was it fit at the top.  SOOOOO...that's when I began my "deconstruction" project.  I studied the skirt and began re-constructing one from scraps at home.
I created a pattern and went to work with the thought I would buy some pretty embroidered linen to create the final skirt.  Even if I bought really expensive fabric it would never add up to almost $500!  I also created a top panel that fit perfectly and laid nicely at the waist.
Of course I also had a Plan B (and Plan C) in mind.  My friend brought me this skirt and I thought I could dye it turquoise and embellish it...but as soon as Emily saw it she "confiscated" it for herself.  She decided it would be the perfect skirt to wear to the rehearsal dinner...and, of course, she did not want it to be white! (of course!) to Hobby Lobby...

add some hot water and dye...(this looks gross!)

And now she has a brown skirt...which of course still needs to be "embellished"!

That left me with either continuing with my skirt sewing project, or finding another skirt.
The project has continued on, but I've continued looking for a skirt that would work.
(With so much other sewing for the wedding...I just don't want to be cut short on time or pressed - translate to stressed - to finish my own skirt at the last minute.)

In my quest for a skirt I've looked everywhere, but I NEVER  thought to look in my own closet.
While cleaning out "stuff" for our church's upcoming Garage Giveaway I found a skirt I bought awhile back that I don't think I ever wore.  I bought it on sale...but when I got it home it did not fit...(there was no dressing room at the sidewalk sale.)
But, having dropped quite a few pounds I tried it on and it fit perfectly!
Emily "heartily" approves and it is the perfect solution! 
No sewing, no embellishing...nothing to be done but pressing!
I found the perfect top to finish off my "wedding attire" I'm all set!
(HA! HA! no sneak'll see all at the wedding!)

Today the girls and I are off to purchase some pots to hold our center pieces (which are all painted and ready to finish) and get some cute buttons for the groomsmen's pinwheels! (I'm sure they don't like me using the "cute" word!)
We're down to the wire...but I'm hoping all will be finished by next weekend, then we can "coast"!!
Till tomorrow...

2 Cowgurls said:

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh, I'm a new follower and I love weddings! How exciting-I'll be back to see photographs and that skirt! Love your boots, they are awesome!


Karla at Home said...

Wow serendipity at its best with the skirt being in your closet. Best wishes on your wedding and I will be back to see your pics. Mr. Sweetie and I are getting married on March 25th in LaGrange on our way to Round Top. We'll have so much fun. Karla