Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wedding Count Down

Emily and I holed up in my sewing room over the weekend.  We were immersed in ribbon, lace, buttons and all manner of trim.

We completed all the pinwheels that will be worn by the wedding party.  These two are a sneak peek at the "Father's" pinwheels.  I'll remember to posts pictures after the wedding of the different buttons Emily picked for each group of pinwheels. The trip to the button store paid off!

The next big task to tackle was creating her garter.  She wanted it to be in her colors, which is not easily found...so we opted to make one.

She also does not want to "toss" her garter away, so I designed a "manly" garter that Jared will throw to the unmarried guys. NO bows for the men...but I did add a little heart to her special garter.

One of the great things about Emily is her sheer determination to have her personality shine through everything she does.  She has very definite ideas of what she wants her wedding to be...and is not easily deterred by "convention" or protocol.
She determined from the very beginning that she wanted silk flowers...so that's what she has!
The good thing about that decision is that all the flowers are done!
We used the same "pattern" from her sash to make the wraps for the bridesmaid's flowers and

wrapped her flowers with the red and turquoise she loves!

Once those big projects were completed we moved on to something more fun..embellishing the skirt she wants to wear for the rehearsal and the dinner.
I started by sewing some vintage lace around the bottom of the skirt I had dyed brown.

Emily then ran pearled embroidery thread through the holes to add more color.

At each of the points where the skirt is tied up underneath we sewed on either a small pinwheel or ribbon streamers.

I also used the leftover gingham ribbon to create some roses

and I sewed them on top of the streamers.

SO...remember what we started with...a plain white cotton skirt...

died it brown...

then embellished it to create a one of a kind skirt!

AND...last but not least I finished Emily's messenger bag that she wants to take with her on her honeymoon.

I'm sure you're surprised it has a "western" theme!  She wants a Kindle cover to match it...but I'll have to see where it fits in with the other projects I have on my list!

Still a few more things to do...but I think we achieved a BIG chunk of our "TO DO" list this weekend!

Till tomorrow...

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