Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wedding Flag Banner

Only six weeks left till the big Wedding Day!  The pinwheels are pretty well finished.  I still have to spray paint the "trees", but I'm waiting for a nice "non windy" day!

I have fabric left over from the pinwheels, and decided to make banners to hang from the trees.

I decided on an 8.5 x 10.5 size for the flags.

I also used my pinked rotary cutter blade to cut the flags.

All of the flags were cut from the left over red and teal colored fabric.  I wanted to add some interest to the banner and make it more "wedding" so I added hearts.  I mimicked the shape of the flags and cut the hearts the same length and width as the flags.  I cut a V-shape from the middle to create the heart, but added two small tabs along the top of the hearts so I could sew it into the seam binding without losing the shape of  the hearts.
I used a "matelasse" type fabric for the brown hearts and

 embellished each heart to dress them up.  I made rolled fabric roses to dress up this heart.

I also dug out a "cutter quilt" that had some red and turquoise in it and cut additional hearts.

Each of the quilt hearts were also embellished

creating a different look for each heart!

I dug into all my "scraps" to find the lace, crochet, ribbon, buttons, etc. to use as embellishments.

I sewed all the flags and hearts together using seem binding (also in my stash!)

I think when we get all the banners strung up in the trees they will really add to the festivities. (I'll post pictures of the various completed projects when they are all put together at the Wedding.)

We are headed to the "lake" this weekend to check out the wedding location and work out all the logistics of an outdoor wedding (and assure we have a Plan B in case of bad weather!)  We also are looking into accommodations for everyone...so very busy weekend ahead, but it will also be time away to relax and re-group.
There are still a lot of wedding projects...but they will all be finished before the BIG DAY!

Well...back to sewing!
Till tomorrow,

1 Cowgurls said:

Hollace said...

Darling, darling banners (or bunting, as they say in the English blogs). Your details add so much! I can't wait to see the pictures of them hanging. Where do you find the time?