Friday, April 29, 2011

Another Lamp Re-do

 I love Friday''s my "free" day to do whatever.  I had a doctor's appointment early this morning and another one late this afternoon...but in the meanwhile I was able to get my second lamp shade recovered.  I bought this several months back at Heirloom's (here in McKinney).  As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it for the guest room.

I began by removing all the pleated material and the trim along the edge that held it all in place.  The shell is actually made of plastic and has a tacky surface which should help hold the new material in place.

My sweet friend Miss Carolyn gave me an arm load of vintage pillowcases that belonged to her mother.  Some of them are beautifully embroidered.  I chose a pillowcase that was a single, rather than use one from a matched set. 

I love the colors and this one is perfect for the guest room.
I began by cutting down the pillowcase so it would be easier to work with on the lamp shade.

I placed the pillowcase on the shade backwards and pinned down the sides first.  Because the shade is tapered at the top I also created two pleats along each side to narrow the band at the top.

I angled the pleats so they would be less obvious along the front lines of the lamp.

Once the sides and pleats were sewn, I placed the cover on the lampshade right side up. I folded under the fabric to create a hem along the top edge.  I wanted to finish off the top edge with some vintage lace and a small pink to the lace drawer to shop for just the perfect piece of lace!

I found a small piece of white that I tacked down along the edge first.  I then ran a small pink trim on top of the white lace.  I used hot glue for this process.

I tacked down the sides along the bottom and the front edge of the flowers, also with hot glue.

Here is the finished piece.

Perfect in the guest room for a little late night reading.

Here's the lamp I finished earlier this week...just need to get it in place and plug it in.

I'm ready for guests to arrive...

till tomorrow...

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