Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lamp Shade Re-do

I'm finally getting a few projects ticked off my list!  I've been wanting to re-do this lampshade for awhile.  It feels outdated and too "plain" for where I want to put it.

And...up until a week ago, I didn't have a base for the shade.  (Thank you Elaine!)  There was a pile of stuff left in a closet from the tennants that moved out at my office...and this small lamp base was in a box.  I rescued it before it moved on to Re-Store!

I pulled all the trim off the edges and surface of the shade, but left the shade in tact.  I had a small collar my grandmother made for one of my daughters, so I began by sewing it around the top.  It was a PERFECT fit and I love the little button my grandmother sewed on as a closure.
I decided to hand stitch it down so it would lay nicely (and if I decide I want to pull it off at a later date...it won't have all kinds of glue on the backside.)

I went to my lace stash and found some an old looking piece of lace that I used to cover the rest of the lamp (under the collar).  I also found some cream lace that was already gathered around the bottom edge, so I made a small flower to sew near the top.

I also added some vintage seam binding behind the flower,

and a small piece of green seam binding in the center of the flower, just for a little color.

I like the look of the mixture of laces.

Instead of cutting the lace and sewing the two ends together, I  folded under each side so it created a little bit of cover for the seam (where the two pieces came together.) It sort of looks like a shirt front.

I think it's a nice addition to the guest room.

I have another lamp shade torn apart...maybe I can finish it by the end of the week.
Till tomorrow...

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Janie @ Romantic Domestic said...

Beautiful! I love lace.

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