Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pillows and decks

I went to IKEA last week, the first time I've ever been.
There certainly was a LOT of stuff.  I get their catalog, but it's a whole 'nuther experience to be in the store.

I went with a girlfriend, and she was looking for something specific, so we did have a mission to accomplish.  She found what she was looking for, but I found this pillow.

I love the handcrafted look of this pillow.  The embroidery is beautiful.  The back is made with a stripped fabric and has buttons so you can remove the cover to wash.
I did notice it was on sale, regular $24.99...but as cute as it was... it was still $19.99.  I would need a whole couch full...they were that cute!

As we left IKEA and drove home I remembered some embroidered fabric I had at home....

I purchased this piece at Canton at the "by the pound" booth.  It has a number stamped on the edge and says it's a 'bedroom set'.

All the pieces are attached in one long piece and it's been completed by someone who knew how to embroidery.

Even the backside of the fabric is beautiful!
Someone knew how to finish off their work well.

I cut the pieces I wanted to use and again "shopped" in my garage sale pile of fabric. (I keep going back to the discard pile!)
I found the Matelassé pieces in my cupboard and the striped background fabric in the discard pile! 

I also went to my stash and gathered my feather pillows. 
 I love to buy old feather pillows at garage sales.  For those of you who are afraid of "old pillows"...don't be!  You can wash them.  (Ducks get wet, silly!)
My grandmother always washed hers in the spring.  You throw them in the water.  Once you have them clean put them in the dryer with an old tennis shoe (this will beat the matted feathers loose.)  When it has completely dried, place it outside in the sun and the feather will expand and fluff up.  This was how our grandmother's recycled pillows. 
One small piece of advice...make sure all the seems are secure before you wash them.  You don't want ANY surprises!!!

The IKEA pillow had buttons, but I opted for zippers so I can remove the covers to wash them.

Each pillow front was finished just a bit differently.

I took them all outside to the glider...I'm thinking a nice Sunday nap might be in order.

Of course, while I was upstairs sewing...activity was happening in the back yard.

Peter and Jared were hard at work putting a roof over the deck.

There is still work to do...and the final decision hasn't been made as to whether the table and chairs will stay on the deck or if we move the glider and swing out there...time will tell.  I'm ready to get some work done in the back yard so we can start to enjoy doing nothing back there!

Till tomorrow...

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