Monday, April 18, 2011

Wedding Camp

One of the things I wanted to blog about was "Wedding Camp."
Finding a place for all of us to stay in Oklahoma...and a place that was near the wedding site, was not an easy task.  Everything we looked at seemed more like a "fish camp" than a place to prepare for a wedding.  Grant it, I LOVE camping, but not when I have to dress for a wedding!

We found some motels in Madill and Kingston, but they weren't as close to the lakehouse as we'd have liked.  When we saw these cabins, Cabin Fever, we called right away to get a preview of the inside.

There are five small cabins on the property, but only four are rental properties. (The fifth one is the office and the owner stays in it on weekends.)

They are small, but were quite comfortable for all of us.

There are Tee Pees on the property, but they are not outfitted for sleeping.  The kids thought it might be cool to sleep in them over night.

There was a burn ban while we were in Oklahoma, so we were not able to have an open fire while we were there.

 We were able to make s'mores in the grill one evening. There is a grill next to each cabin, as well as a picnic table.


Each cabin has a sleeping loft with two twin beds...Lauren liked being upstairs.

The property is nicely kept and it was very quiet over night.  There were so many stars that we could see since we were in the middle of nowhere!

There's also a small tank (pond) for catch and release fishing.  Austin caught his first fish on Sunday!

Each morning we would all meet together for breakfast before the day's activities began.  

By Sunday morning, it was a relaxing time of food, coffee and talk before everyone headed home.

I think Austin had the most fun...he could wander cabin to cabin and find all his favorite people...right in his own yard!

If you want a fun, private place to stay then contact Rick!  I also saw the great boats he owns, and he offers fishing adventures...but that will have to be for another time!

We couldn't have asked for a nicer, cleaner place to stay.  I love camping, and this was a nice (easy) way to do camping!

Till tomorrow...

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